The Adventures of Mattie Mae

Ah, the mid-nineteenth century was quite a time, especially when you live in New Orleans. But maybe not so much if you are Mattie Mae. There is no one I have encountered that had so much going against her yet did so much to enjoy this life she had; about the only thing she had.

But these accounts are not just the stuff even stuffier authors dream up. They are what Mattie herself left for us to read. So they are not full of fluff that fills publisher’s books making it seem you actually get more for your money. Here you get just what is, and nothing more. Real, gritty, even shocking honesty.

But it always leaves you with something to think about.



Who Is...or WAS Mattie Mae?

Basin Street

Preacher Joe

Mattie Mae?

Thrift-Store Theology

Thrift-Store Theology

Conversations With Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence

A Journey Into Eternity

Stripping away all the meaningless crust of our existence, this work discovers the simple and the profound in life; both are sides of the same coin and both propel us towards our true selves.

But in order to discover our true selves, we must begin our journey into an eternity with a guide of our own choosing.

Which one will you choose?

Read and contemplate the consequences of your choice.

Written in the same vein as John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, A Journey Into Eternity delves into the reason for our need to change; from what we are to what we were meant to become.

A Journey Into Eternity is designed for mobile viewing. Read it now and be ready for your own journey into eternity.

A Journey Into Eternity

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Be Like Jesus
Saving Faith
Prayer - Carry
Prayer - Trials
Prayer - Weak
St. Michael Prayer
A Journey Into Eternity
I Arise
Unanswered Prayer
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