Conversations With Brother Lawrence


It all began when, during our usual time of spiritual instruction that Brother Lawrence held up an egg. Now Brother Lawrence often does unusual things primarily because many of the young novices tend to simply ignore him and daydream about anything else. So, it did not come as much of a surprise that Brother Lawrence held up an egg and asked how the spiritual life is like this egg. The question brought several insightful responses from some of our more distinguished members. Some of these, if I remember right, included thoughts on an egg holding the nutrition for living out the mandate of spreading the “Good News” i.e. Evangelism. Another said something about the egg being half-baked, (that would be Brother Albert who is not too fond of Brother Lawrence since he has been replaced during these talks by Brother Lawrence.) and another said the color white is a reminder of how Christ washed our sins away and now we are clean before God. All these Brother Lawrence acknowledged as being excellent insights but he had different view. While holding the egg up high Brother Lawrence, took from the nearby table a strip of rubber foam.

He carefully wrapped the egg with the rubber foam and then secured it with a rubber band. He then held up before us all a very well protected egg. In fact, to prove just how protected the egg was, Brother Lawrence dropped the egg onto the floor. The entire group let out a gasp. But the egg suffered no damage at all. As Brother Lawrence lifted it up to us it was completely uninjured. Then Brother Lawrence asked what would happen if this were an egg with a still live embryo inside. If it was, and it’s time of incubation was finished, how could it be born? The very thing that had protected it so successfully and comfortably, the rubber foam, was now the very thing that threatened to snuff its life out. God had designed the shell to protect it only so long as it was needed to grow to a certain point. The chicken can successfully break through the fragile protection of the egg’s shell when it is time. However, the chicken is totally unable to break out of its nice secure blanket of rubber foam. Consequently, it will die unless someone releases it from its comfortable confinement.

As we all sat there in contemplation, uneasiness began to cause many of us to rustle about. How much had we insulated ourselves from the way our Father had designed us to live? How had our comfort and security hindered us in being born into what our loving God had wanted for us and how had our own desires contributed to our potential premature spiritual deaths. Yes death, if it were not for the sacrificial work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ coming to rescue us. I leave you now with that same image that Brother Lawrence left with us dear reader. I wish you the insight that only the Holy Spirit can provide so that you too may see what is hindering you from the blessed life our God has designed for you.

Copyright© 2019 Larry T. Slater