The Adventures of Mattie Mae

Who is..or WAS Mattie Mae?

To even think of it now, what can words say about someone who can change a person’s life just with words? But that just says how powerful words are when used rightly.

As I poor over crumbling papers and endure the musty smells of faded memories, new worlds are revealed that no sanitized textbook has ever revealed. These were real people who lived and loved, who failed and cried, and who got back up and carried on just as they do…well, as we pray they do today. They had their needs and their wants as we also do, but they had something we are rapidly losing; Structure, or rather the semblance of structure as they were then building the frameworks that we are dismantling now.

The questions that these words provoke are multitude and yet are so simple. The person who wrote them was not educated as we understand that word today, yet they knew at deeper levels then we know. And they were not the powerful yet they wielded power that we can only dream of having. They created their power by living their lives as honestly as possible while trying to change them into something better.

But how did they know what was “better?” In the midst of change how do you know what direction to take? Isn’t that the eternal question we all must answer?

As I go through the piles of boxes and books scattered around me on the floor, I am just beginning to explore these souls as they indeed wrote from the heart, sharing what they were…are…to each other and to us, and to do otherwise with their remembrances would just be plain dishonest.

So I try, and will try, to relate to you what I find. Within these written words are gaps that time has dug, from one letter to another, from one package to another bundle, but that is like our own lives is it not? There never is a gently sloping upward curve, only jagged edges and torn connections. We need to make our own meaning; or rather find it from what we have and that is what we will do together, you and me and these letters of Mattie Mae.

Copyright© 2019 Larry T. Slater