Lake County, Illinois

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Tax Parcel Maps

NOTE: CAD users, these datasets are optimized for use with GIS software. CAD software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation may not be able to open these datasets.

Tax Parcel Maps

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These PDF maps are a visual inventory of the recorded legal documents which define property ownership in our county. The map does not take the place of any of these legal documents, and does not determine ownership rights. The precise location of property boundaries on the ground must be determined by a land surveyor registered to practice in the State of Illinois. These maps are presented for public use on an as-is basis, with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness.

The maps contain tax parcel boundaries, road rights of way, tax code lines, railroad tracks, water features and condominium units. Annotation includes: Property Index Number (PIN), property location address, street name, lot and block numbers, dimensions, railroad names, subdivision names, tax code numbers, lake names, acreage on selected parcels and condominium unit numbers and names.


Area Size
Antioch Township 90.3 MB Adobe PDF
Avon Township 74.4 MB Adobe PDF
Benton Township 42.4 MB Adobe PDF
Cuba Township 60.5 MB Adobe PDF
Ela Township 87.2 MB Adobe PDF
Fremont Township 68.6 MB Adobe PDF
Grant Township 62.0 MB Adobe PDF
Lake Villa Township 70.0 MB Adobe PDF
Libertyville Township 102.2 MB Adobe PDF
Moraine Township 47.9 MB Adobe PDF
Newport Township 44.1 MB Adobe PDF
Shields Township 48.3 MB Adobe PDF
Vernon Township 109.3 MB Adobe PDF
Warren Township 98.7 MB Adobe PDF
Wauconda Township 53.8 MB Adobe PDF
Waukegan Township 60.4 MB Adobe PDF
West Deerfield Township 49.3 MB Adobe PDF
Zion Township 33.5 MB Adobe PDF