The Futuna line of aluminum composite sail yachts brings 60' Open round the world racing designs to the cruising world. There are a number of reasons you might choose to build an aluminum boat over a more traditional wooden boat plan. Aluminum boats are lightweight, which makes it much easier to haul in and out of the water.

Building an aluminum boat is no easy task, but can be well worth the effort for ambitious hobbyists.
You might also be interested in finding out more about other types of boat building projects, such as wooden boat plans or learning how to build a sailboat.
KM Yachtbuilders is dedicated to the construction of aluminum custom built sailing yachts of any design up to 100 feet, exactly to your requirements and wishes.

Additionally, aluminum boats are designed for ease of use, and often use less fuel than other types of boats, making for a cost effective way to spend your time on the water.

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