Privacy Policy

AwoX is committed to respecting and protecting your personal data and your right to privacy, in compliance with current legislation. This page outlines the rules and procedures adopted by AwoX in order to protect your data and your privacy.

Personal Data Collected by AwoX

AwoX can collect and process user personal data during their navigation on AwoX websites and/or AwoX mobile applications and its partners. Personal data is collected either directly from you with your consent, or by navigating on our websites, mobile applications and the mobile applications of our partners. AwoX can also receive your data collected and communicated to us by a third person. We collect the following data: The aforementioned data is collected as follows:
When you create an account for our applications
Creating an AwoX account makes it possible for you to use AwoX services and applications, interact with them and access all the features offered by AwoX. To that end, certain data must be provided to us in order to identify the user (last name, first name, email address, password…). Your AwoX account is a central element to our services, and it allows you to share user preferences among members within the same account. Please note that during the creation of an account, we also retain the model of the smartphone or tablet used to create the account as well as the version of your device’s operating system. We use this data to identify the devices that use our applications in order to improve the quality of our apps and user experience.
When you use our applications or products
Using our applications requires an account. With our applications, you can use the entirety of AwoX products and services, interact with them and access all features offered by AwoX. To that end, certain data are communicated to us when you install or use features of the application. When you install a product, we save the following: the name of the product, the product model, its version of software, the room in which the product is installed as well as the image associated with the product. All of this data is stored so that the user finds the exact same configuration of his or her copy of the app since last use. The app settings and preferences are automatically updated among users within the same household as long as the same user account is used.

Use & Processing of Personal Data

AwoX uses and processes personal data for well defined, transparent and legal purposes. Your data is mainly used to: More importantly, your data is used to allow you to: Your data can be used or processed for other purposes with your consent, which you can also revoke at any time. AwoX can also process your data to comply with legal obligations and/or regulations, which includes: AwoX can also process user data for statistical purposes, which includes commercial use of the resulting statistics. In this case, all the data processed is previously made anonymous.

Data Retention and Storage

Your data is conserved only for the time necessary for the aforementioned uses, processes and purposes.

Recipients of Collected Data

The data that is collected is communicated to AwoX internal services, subcontractors and business partners. The data can also be processed by AwoX subcontractors who provide a service, or for purposes which your consent is necessary. Processed data can be transmitted to legal authorities, upon request, in order to satisfy a search warrant, a legal procedure, a request for information or in order to comply with other legal obligations. Collected data can also be transferred outside of the European Union. In which case, AwoX takes care of all the arrangements necessary with its subcontractors and business partners in order to guarantee an adequate level of protection of your data in compliance with current regulation.

Personal Data & Consent for Minors

If personal data concerning minors less than 16 years old is collected on our websites or mobile applications, parents or legal guardians can oppose and request data removal by contacting us at the address provided below.
Cookie Policy
Our website can make use of cookies to improve user experience. The Internet user's web browser places cookies on his or her hard drive to gather a certain set of information used to customize navigation on our website, thus enabling certain unique functionalities. The user can configure his or her web browser if he or she wishes not to allow the use of cookies. The user can also choose to be informed when cookies are being used on his or her computer to further accept them or refuse them. If the user restricts the use of cookies, certain sections of the website will either not be entirely accessible or completely inaccessible. Anyone who is a minor at the time their data is collected can request their data be removed within a reasonable period of time.

How to Exercise Your Rights

At any moment, you can exercise your right to access, modify and delete your data. You have the right to request the portability of your data. You can also oppose the use and processes of your data, or request their limitation. You can give orders for storing, deleting or communicating your data after your death. Any request to exercise your rights must be accompanied with the photocopies of two legal IDs among the following: In order to facilitate your request, we also recommend that you provide us with data necessary to identify and fulfill your request (email address, etc…). You can exercise your rights by contacting us: A reply to your request will be sent within a month following the date it was received. You also have the right to appeal to the French Information Commissioner's Office, known as “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés” or CNIL, who is the authority in charge of enforcing regulation on privacy and personal data in France. If you wish to unsubscribe from an AwoX newsletter sent by email, you can simply click on the unsubscribe link place in the footer of every newsletter. The collect of certain personal data is essential to access certain services. You can naturally exercise your rights and oppose the collect and processing of such data, but this can make it impossible to benefit from these services.

Modifications of Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy is subject to future edits and modifications.