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5-10%Limited growth

10-15%Steady growth

15-20%Strong growth

above 25%Very strong growth

Trends seeing this growth

  • Trend 6: Africa
    • Consolidation among banks to accelerate in 2019
    • Partnership between banks and telecoms to drive fintech

No trends in this growth range

Trends seeing this growth

  • Trend 1: China
    • China’s fintech goes overseas
    • Virtual banking is set to shake up Hong Kong
    • Strategic shift from fully controlled to partially controlled acquisitions likely to boost joint ventures (JVs) in 2019
  • Trend 2: ASPAC
    • Regulators warm to dealmaking
    • Bancassurance still bubbling
    • Deal activity to thrive in Southeast Asia
  • Trend 3: US
    • Competition for depository deals to intensify
    • Regional mergers will gain momentum
  • Trend 7: LATAM
    • Regional banks to accelerate crossborder deals
    • Fintech deals on an upswing
    • Argentina’s credit card market opens up for competition

Trends seeing this growth

  • Trend 4: Western Europe
    • Consolidation still prevalent
    • Payments and specialty finance sectors remain strong
  • Trend 5: Central and Eastern Europe
    • Remaining marginal players are on sell-mode
    • Privatization efforts gathering speed in West Balkans
    • NPL sales still desirable
  • Trend 9: Fintech
    • Large value deals and more funding anticipated in 2019
    • Banks to partner or co-work in niche areas to mutualize costs
  • Trend 10: Private equity
    • Significant amounts of ‘dry powder’ to invest globally
    • Strong competition expected from new entrants, disruptive companies and fintech players

Trends seeing this growth

  • Trend 8: NPLs
    • Regulatory pressures continue to linger over the European deleveraging landscape
    • International investors to shift focus from Europe to Asia as an alternative investment opportunity

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