Male style. Accessories. Simple difficulties

Well, finally, we got to the topic of accessories. I hope you have already collected a basic wardrobe and bought shoes suitable for the season. Because accessories - the most important part of the male wardrobe, requiring special attention and investment. Men's accessories - this is what indicates the position, achievements, status, this is your business card, because we are still “met by clothes.” And even if you are wearing a suit and a tie that fits you well, but if you come to a meeting with a bag, you will always be in the eyes of those who meet you, “boy-major-commanding partner”. A good briefcase or stylish bag will tell about you as a business person and successful. And when you on a date in a restaurant get money from your pocket, and not from a purse, your companion will think that you do not know how to handle money, which means you will not be able to take care of your family. So, dear men, accessories - your all! Your weapon, shield and sword, your order, rules and strength! And this is what will decorate you and make your already not bright wardrobe interesting. Needless to say, we, women, still sigh, looking at stylish Europeans and say dreamily: “Well, when will our men start to dress like this ...”.

Today, the story will go about the rules of selection of accessories, and you will learn to find in stores those that are right for you.

Rule 1.

Accessories must be the same color or repeat the color of a particular item of clothing.

That is, if you have shoes of a certain color, then take it as a basis and buy yourself a belt and a bag of the same color.

And whatever you wear, you will always look stylish!

Rule 2.

Accessories must be made of expensive genuine leather like Knights Templar. They should be similar in texture. That is, the skin of your shoes and accessories can be rough and unprocessed or smooth, textured under the skin of reptiles or suede - together it is better not to interfere.

Rule 3.

Accessories must be in the same style. With this rule more difficult, it is easy for professional stylists to do, having a lot of knowledge and experience, but it’s not easy to define your style even after learning a lot of rules.

There are many classifications and definitions of style, but each person is unique and has, as a rule, a mixture of all sorts of styles in different proportions. In order not to go into details and not to clog up your already loaded head, let us resort to choosing accessories for hair color. It's simple: if you have blond hair, choose bright accessories, dark hair - dark accessories!

“What to do bald ?,” - you ask.

And the bald have eyebrows, stubble and photos of their once hairy head, and they will help you to decide on the main color for accessories.

So let's get started:

Type 1 Blondes and redheads.

This type is also called natural, natural. It includes blond, red-haired men and light-blond types with a soft oval face or with a round or wide nose (the nose is the dominant feature of the face). Often they are owners of wavy or even curly hair, and, as a rule, they have fair skin.

Often such people give the impression of being soft, calm, simple, they seem kind, they adore nature, love to create with their hands, they can be easily imagined in the village. Therefore, the main colors in clothing should be natural, bright, not bright - all shades of beige, brown, green, sky blue.

Accordingly, the accessories will be in beige-red-brown tones. Choose accessories from soft suede or from coarse-grained matte leather of rough manufacture.

In this style accessories with large stitches of light threads look spectacular.

Also “natural” accessories are suitable for men of a natural type - these can be belts and watch straps.

Red accessories are also a favorite topic of men with a clear ethnic appearance, dark-haired, and for good reason, because ethnos is a closeness to nature.

So, if you have a mixture of ethnic blood (Tatar, Bashkir, Udmurt, Ural, Latin American, Caucasian, etc.), you can safely use the red color as the main color, and you will look stylish and spectacular.

Type 2 Blonde

It includes men with blond and dark blond hair with regular features, a wide chin, pronounced cheekbones - such classic beautiful faces, like most actors. One can say of such a man at first sight that he is serious, strict, reserved. Most of all men with blond hair are suitable colors that are considered classics - gray, blue and brown.

The basic men's wardrobe for blond men is built on either gray, blue or brown. To understand what color to take as a basis in accessories, you should proceed from the color of your eyes. If you have brown hair and gray, blue or blue eyes, you can buy gray, blue accessories.

The blue color of the accessories will surely be winning in your wardrobe, especially if you like to wear jeans.