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Senior Software Developer


Requirements Analysis & Design · Product Development & Testing

Client/Sever, Distributed & Desktop Applications · Commercial/Enterprise Applications

Data Modeling · Data Driven Design · Database Design and Optimization ·

Real Time Data Processing · Real Time Graphics · GUI · Multi-Threading 

Object Oriented Design & Programming · Design Patterns · Refactoring  

Client Relations · Team Mentor · Problem Solving







Hardware: Intel x86; Motorola MC68HC908


Platforms: Windows XP, NT, 2000, 98, 95, Win32, JVM, UNIX


Programming & Assembly Languages: MFC, C++, C, Visual Basic, Java, Intel, Motorola


Data Management: MS SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase System XI


Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, Windows MSI, Windows SDK, COM, XML, MSXML4, HTML, ODBC, ODBC SDK, Code Warrior; NetBeans, DOS (Batch, Shell)


Source Control: Accurev, Visual SourceSafe


Other Tools: MS Office, MS Project



Embedded Programming; Lab Instrumentation; Lab Automation; GPIB; SCPI








VERISMART SOFTWARE, INC., San Jose, California · 2011 to Present        

Virtual Content Delivery Software and Web Hosting.


Acting CTO,  Senior Software Engineer

Initially responsible for the recovery, repair, maintenance and enhancement of proprietary Content Delivery Systems and website function following the loss of key personnel; thereafter for the future evolution of the company’s products.




INTEGRATED DEVICE TECHNOLOGY, INC., San Jose, California · 2001 to 2010     

Multibillion-dollar semiconductor manufacturer serving the OEM market.


Senior Software Architect

Multi-tasking among 4 main projects, performed analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of software applications and components in support of product testing and marketing. Interfaced with design, product, testing and marketing directors, managers and engineers. Devised strategies to produce commercial-grade product in ever-changing environment, evolving technology and organizational growth. Crafted complex commercial software that is robust, flexible and extensible while providing continuous support, enhancements and upgrades.


See Project Summaries: VersaClock and Laboratory Automation.




ASK JEEVES, INC., Emeryville, California · 1999 to 2000

Internet query, answer and search engine company.


Senior Software Engineer & Architect

Performed software architecture and engineering services for the Advanced Products Group. Developed high value strategies to fuel user productivity, accuracy, efficiency and job performance. Devised new editing tool for content editors to enhance customer experience and improve site functionality. Instituted XML data transfer between client and database. Enhanced web content editing efficiency tenfold by designing and developing a single authoring tool combining certain operations and eliminating others.




COMPUTER AIDED SERVICE, Inc., San Jose, California · 1994 to 1999

Computer based automotive diagnostic systems.


Software Engineer

Interfaced with five Department Managers (Architecture, Programming, Application Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Customer Support) to determine and coordinate the requirements for new projects. In designing, developing and implementing these projects, also dealt with in-house software engineers and outside consultants. Responsible for design and implementation of server software and databases for several products and providing data access for them via ODBC DLLs.


See Project Summary: MDS2







Physics & Mathematics

Oxford & Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Levels


Bachelor of Science Program, Physics & Mathematics

Rice University, Houston, Texas