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The Apple fan behind the Every Apple TV ad YouTube channel has created a new channel and blog with the self-explanatory title Every Steve Jobs video, offering a total of around 150 clips of varying lengths. The site's creator told MacRumors that he wanted to get them online in time for Steve Jobs' birthday on February 24.
I'm a long time Apple enthusiast and throughout the years have gathered every single Steve Jobs video I could find … To commemorate Steve Jobs birthday (Feb.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have done more for the world in their professional careers than they could ever do in their philanthropic careers.
I liken Steve Jobs to the tough teacher you hated in high school but years later you realize they were the one who made you become the best you could be. My little film about Steve Jobs has finally made it to iTunes (YouTube as well!) as a $3.99 rental, but you wouldn’t know it.

It also includes some amusing compilations including Steve Jobs' Funniest Moments and Every 'One More Thing' Moment, all 31 of them.

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