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Don’t wait and take a much needed break from your physical and mental work with these online alarm clocks.
Sleep.FM the alarm clock is a waking device that informs and further, keeps us connected to each other! MetaClock is an online gadget that is available anywhere over the web, and can be used as a unique alarm clock!

You may get 15-20 minutes free time during your working hours, but you are not sure if you will get up on time.
You can also use any of these 10 Best Alarm Clocks available online to give you reminders and thus making your life less complicated. I also found a new online alarm that also plays youtube videos, but with a much smoother interface and a cooler design than the alarm tube or the oline video alarm.

Well you can use Naked Alarms or online alarms, that relieves you of all the tension and let you relax.

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