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With the help of Work Opportunities Unlimited, Stearns opened a few doors for Austin; first at WEEI, then at the Boston Red Sox.
For over a year, Jen worked hard to try to find employment with the help of Work Opportunities Unlimited. When Ashley Milinazzo, a Career Resource Specialist and Team Leader at Work Opportunities Unlimited, met Nick, a Supported Employment Program client, she quickly observed two things about him: he loved being outside and being around other people all the time.
That summer, Ashley worked closely with Nick and his mother to schedule driving lessons with an instructor. Last year, 21-year-old Brendan was referred to Work Opportunities Unlimited by Lynn Public Schools. Erica began working with Brendan while he was still a student, providing ongoing support as he learned the basics of working within the community.
A few months later, when Brendan turned 22, he seamlessly transitioned into adult services with Beverly DDS, and his work assessment turned into a paid placement at Border Cafe.
According to Work Opportunities Unlimited, work assessments offer numerous benefits for both clients and employers.
The best-case scenario is that both the client and the employer are happy with the work assessment and the employer hires the individual for a longer-term position - which is what happened with Brendan. Several Work Opportunities Unlimited clients will be honored at "What's Working!" Celebrating the Success of Individuals in Obtaining Community Employment. At the event, Work Opportunities Unlimited clients Larry Donhoffner, Eddie Holt, Melissa Westbrook and Sara Blake - who receive services from the Work Opportunities Unlimited Woburn team - will speak about their personal experiences and be recognized for their achievements.
Eddie Holt works as a loader at Lowe's, where he's become an important, popular team member. In addition to Work Opportunities Unlimited's recognitions, several other local agencies will spotlight their employees' stories and triumphs at the event. Founded in 1982, Work Opportunities Unlimited is a community-based employment service provider specializing in placing job seekers who experience barriers to employment. Erica Feldman, a Career Resource Specialist with Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU), helps adults and youths find, secure and keep meaningful employment. Previously working in WOU's Maryland office, she recently transferred to the company's Woburn, MA location, where she serves clients in Woburn, Burlington, Cambridge, Somerville and Lynn.
In her new role, Erica works with youth at Somerville High School's Special Education program and with students at Fecteau Leary, an alternative school in Lynn. She has placed some students in stores, like Off Broadway Shoes, where they've been responsible for working on the sales floor, organizing product, and keeping the store tidy.
WOU will soon place students at the Lynn YMCA, where they'll work as youth program assistants, helping with after-school, drop-in and summer camp programs.
Emilio Rosa has had some personal challenges over the past year and came to Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) in February 2010 for help finding employment.

The right candidate for this position will have a strong mechanical aptitude, a general knowledge of hand tools and be able to multi-task in a fast paced work environment.
Schedules will vary depending on business needs, and may entail working nights, weekends and holidays.
The Maintenance Lead must be able to work unsupervised and be flexible and willing to perform varying tasks per the Plant Manger's instruction and in accordance with safety guidelines. Boys & Girls Club employees must have a strong interest in working with children, and actively supporting the individual needs of each child.
She attended every single job club meeting and tried working with multiple CRS' to no avail. They met twice as often, and called, emailed and texted ideas they had to one another, tackling all opportunities that arose with full force.
Jen, who originally refused to use public transportation, takes the bus to and from work regularly. Nick was physically fit and active, however he did not enjoy doing the same type of work for too long as he would get bored. One thing Nick and Ashley had been working towards together was getting Nick a driver's license, so they chose to focus on this goal. In fact, he was such a great worker that the park's management told Nick he would be welcomed back each year from April through October without needing to re-apply. He is on the autism spectrum with difficulty communicating and had never worked independently in the community before. Erica placed Brendan in a work assessment at Border Cafe, where he was responsible for rolling silverware for the restaurant's servers.
Work Opportunities Unlimited continues to support Brendan, checking on him regularly and troubleshooting as necessary, vs.
Additionally, since some of Work Opportunities Unlimited's clients have difficulties performing well in their interviews, work assessments provide a more accurate snapshot of how well each person would perform in the workplace. At the end of the 20 hour work assessment, the employer can opt to hire the person or not, depending on how well the experience went. Now, Brendan has become very independent in the workplace, which is the ultimate goal of the program.
Larry Donhoffner works at Papa Gino's in Burlington, where he goes above and beyond the duties of his job. Commissioner Elin Howe will speak about the employment mission of DDS, and Legislator Jamie Eldridge will be honored for his work creating new employment opportunities. The company has grown from one person to a workforce of hundreds that serves thousands of adults and students annually.
At Fecteau Leary, Erica works with students who had been removed from mainstream schools because of personal challenges.

These positions allow the students to learn what it's like to work in a retail environment.
They get the experience of working, clocking in and out, reporting to a boss, taking on responsibility, learning the importance of a good work ethic - and the excitement of earning a paycheck," Erica continued.
She raves about how helpful and accommodating the WOU team is, and looks forward to contributing to more workplace triumphs in the future.
WOU placed him at a department store in Wilmington, MA, where he worked as a merchandise processing associate.
The ideal candidate will have great attention to detail, strong communication skills and be able to work as part of a team. A large part of the problem in finding Jen work was that she was unwilling to take public transportation to get to and from work. He also received another new seasonal position working at the ski area's Halloween theme park as a Scare Actor on a haunted hayride.
Now Nick and Ashley have changed their focus to improving Nick's reading and writing skills so that he may continue to grow and advance into leadership roles in the workplace. The Work Opportunities Unlimited team decided Brendan would be a great fit for their work assessment program. Now, they have to "earn" the privilege of working with WOU by having good attendance, grades and behavior.
He was discouraged in his previous position, but was motivated enough to come to WOU to improve his situation," said Dan Greensmith, Career Resource Specialist, at Work Opportunities Unlimited.
After this assignment is complete the associate may be considered for work in the production areas. This greatly limited Leah's options for placing Jen, as Jen would need to rely on getting rides to work all the time. Jen, who Leah had to remind about every appointment, now reminds Leah regularly when and what times she is working and what time Leah needs to be there. Erica and her coworkers place the students in appropriate jobs and work assessments, mentor them and encourage them to make good life choices. Nick received his driver's permit so he could practice driving while working towards getting his official license. And finally (Leah's favorite part), the store Jen works for has a policy against employees saying "I don't know," and Jen has not said it ever since! This successful outcome represented Roger's 100th career placement in just over two years with Work Opportunities Unlimited -- a very laudable milestone to celebrate.

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