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For those who work from home and especially for solopreneurs, summertime can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to balancing work and family time. I will also find coffee shops closest to playdates and birthday parties so I don’t have to waste time and gas to drive home to work.
I got up early & had a productive work session (I completely built a new site for Urban Bliss Media. Not quite a babysitter and far from a nanny, a Mother’s Helper is a young adult who is generally between the ages of 11 and 15. This is a GREAT option because it gives you solid work time with the kids out of the house while your kids get solid playdate time. If you work from home, I’d love to know how you balance summertime work and family time!

I’ve learned to always be prepared to work by bringing whatever is necessary everywhere I go.
For two hours in the morning six days a week and three hours in the afternoon four days a week, parents can bring their kids to the large open playspace (I think it’s best for ages 2-10) while they enjoy a cup of coffee (or wine during the afternoon happy hour!) and work. Remember that while your spouse was working all day, you have been doing double duty fitting in work AND quality parenting time (and probably also a decent amount of housework if you are like most work-from-home parents I know). In addition to blogging, I work as a social media strategist, freelance writer, and graphic designer. The kids got up, we had breakfast, hung out, read books, played with the dog, then the kids eagerly got out their summer workbooks and spent a good amount of time blazing through reading, spelling, and some math. That can be tricky for most entrepreneurs, but it also forces you to prioritize better when you get your day to work.

While mom’s working on contracts and proposals, the kids are engaged in active play with child educators. We came back for snacks, then my son had quiet reading time while my daughter and the dog took naps while I got more work done.

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