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DoorDash – This company has occasional openings for work at home fast food order placers. The following companies are ones that got recommended by followers on Facebook, but they either had too many negative reviews in other places or I just couldn’t find enough info on the work from home positions overall. Harris Connect – They have regular openings for work at home customer sales reps and also for fundraising.
Subscribe Now & Get Updates!12,000 other subscribers are getting weekly work at home job leads and blog updates every Saturday morning. As you may have heard, we have been forced to make some significant changes to our sales and concierge strategy. I feel badly that many of you who have worked for months to help build this startup, will not be able to stay on with us. Contract World is a company you can go through to work from home for some major companies like Pizza Hut, KFC, The Shopping Channel, and several others.
Work Place Like Home – This link will take you to the Contract World (Contract Xchange) sub-forum at Work Place Like Home. Working for Arise, I had to incorporate — this means you need to file corporate income taxes and pay annual fees to keep your business number.
It’s very disturbing to have to pay to work somewhere, it just makes no logical sense. I have posted in the past about ETS and Pearson, two companies that often hire people to work from home scoring tests. The work is seasonal so you couldn’t depend on it long-term, but it looks as though the pay could be good and the work seems pretty flexible if you can get in.
I noticed the other day that the Career Builder link was expired now, so I guess the hiring window has passed for this season.
I just got through the homework and found the last assignment easier than the others since it was actually based on reference material. As for holidays…yes, they send you essays at all times, but often it seems there are more over the holidays because the schools all test their students before the holidays. It definitely can be a lot of work and they are VERY strict on deadlines, but I totally understand why they need to be when they have people working from all over on their own schedules. My review of them here has tons of comments about the application process, along with some positive feedback from a few who have been doing the job.
Someone left a comment on my review of the company saying they love it and that the work is pretty easy for the pay, and I also have a reader who has worked for the company for a long time. Someone on Facebook let me know she loves this job because no quiet background is needed, they pay like clockwork every two weeks, and the people are really friendly to work for.
There is a good review posted in the comments on my review of Teleflora, plus I skimmed through and saw lots of good reviews from at-home workers on Glassdoor. Although there are both positive and negative reviews posted about them on my review, their high rating on Glassdoor is one I can’t really ignore.
They send you a computer and the fee for that does come out of your check for the first few weeks, but they will also reimburse it later. Most people who have managed to get this job really like it, it pays well for the work plus it’s non-phone.
I’ve received two very positive comments from people who have been hired on my review of them here. The pay is per piece and the work only lasts a few months each year, but if you build up your speed, it’s possible to earn between $10 and $12 hourly.

The company has excellent reviews on Glassdoor from current home-based workers saying the people are great to work with, the students are fun to work with, the schedule is flexible, etc.
Other branches of AAA may also have work at home positions, but the reader who commented wasn’t sure. A follower on my Facebook page let me know she loves this job because she has the freedom to set her own (full-time) schedule and that she works for awesome people.
I never knew that there’s a lot of job out there that can be done from home until I stumble upon your blog. I was really looking forward to working with them but then the person who hired me called two days later to tell me they had over- hired and I didn’t get the job after all. Contract World is not a scam at all, but I never encourage anyone to pay a fee to get started working when there are so many companies out there where you don’t have to do that. You can also schedule yourself for very small blocks — as short as 30 minutes at a time.
Work Place Like Home has a sub-forum for this company and a stickied thread with the following states listed that they hire in.
Remember you have to be a registered member of that forum to read what people have had to say. Please keep in mind this post is NOT a recommendation or an endorsement for this company, just a basic overview. I worked for some of their clients such as KFC, Redberry Pizza Hut and The Shopping Channel, all on the Canadian side. However, ETS and Pearson are two other companies that have nearly year round openings for test scorers if those interest you. I saw reviews from a few years ago that the training was clear, but my experience was horrible. You always have the option to decline any work they send and can send an explanation as to why you are declining. The company also has high ratings on Glassdoor, plus one of my Facebook followers let me know that they love the work and have already received a significant raise plus a promotion since starting work there in September of last year.
The Glassdoor reviews are mixed, there are about as many good as there are bad, but overall it has a solid 3 stars there. Last I heard the hours a bit demanding, so this might not be for you if you can’t work a lot of hours each week. Many workers claim it’s a good job with potential for good money and also it can be fun work.
You can apply to work with Apple direct on their website, or you can go through staffing agencies like Kelly, Concentrix, etc. Pay is monthly and you’re paid per order completed, so depending on how much work is available it may or may not be more than supplemental income. I also checked Glassdoor and while overall the company doesn’t have the best rating, it appears that just about all the complaints are coming from in-house employees, while the few at-home transcriber reviews posted there are positive. There is a long waiting list for the position, and that’s because there is pretty low turnover.
While there doesn’t appear to be any info about them on Glassdoor, I have some positive comments about the company from workers on my review of them. They send you your own computer and there are opportunities for part-time and full-time work. One of my Facebook readers let me know that she earns anywhere from $13 to $15 hourly, working part-time.

But, I have had a handful of people ask me to review Contract World so I figured I would put the info out here for those who are curious. Keep in mind it’s free to create an account with Contract World, but you will have to pay and go through the first level of certification before you can actually start applying for work with the many clients they have listed. On the positive side, I found several posts from people who said they’ve had a good experience, make a decent amount per hour, and love the flexibility the work offers them. You are hired as an independent contractor for this company, so they do not take taxes out of your pay. The first season I worked for them they mailed physical checks and then later switched to direct deposit. A reader on my Facebook page let me know she loves working here, and then when I checked Glassdoor, there were a great deal of positive reviews from resume writers (a few negative ones, too, but I saw quite a bit of positive ones). For the record, I also tried Fancy Hands and liked it, but I had a hard time finding tasks that were a fit for me. Glassdoor didn’t have enough reviews from that at-home workers for me to say for sure most people like this company, but there was one positive review.
Their presence seems to be largest in Canada, and as far as US work is concerned, their clients do not hire in all US states. You will of course also have to provide a quiet background free from distractions while you work. Consider this a jumping off point for you to decide for yourself, after hopefully doing extensive research, if this is something to consider. There are less fees with Arise and just seems all around a better option IMHO to work for..Again, thanks for the great review! The more i did the homework that were assigned the more i understood and just simply got the hang of it. After we finish on Monday we will receive homework assignments every night of papers that we need to score on our own that we send to a designated Master Scorer. Their rates may have changed since I was with them, but for the three seasons I scored, it was all the same. Seems there was something that you had to pass before being considered for training, I don’t know…been too long! I have a stable work history, excellent references, good credit and no criminal background. Also, their clients are reputable, mostly well-known companies so knowing that could make you feel a little more secure than working for an unknown company. After we do that for a week, we are complete and we wait to hear back (about a week) regarding whether or not we are hired. Which is why you always need to regularly check your queue for work and essays to see any special notes.
You will need to be able to hear the trainer, but you don’t need to use a webcam for anything. You will be able to type in questions for the trainer that they can see and will respond to.

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