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There are many home business opportunities that offer you the ability to become a work at home mom or dad, including direct sales, network marketing, and affiliate programs. Thoroughly research and investigate companies and work from home opportunities before you get involved and make a commitment, whether it’s direct sales, network marketing, or affiliate products. As the bad economy has raised havoc with the finances of many families, there are increasing numbers of stay at home moms who are looking for a way to supplement the family income by earning money at home. Although the party plan home based business model has been in existence for decades and is primarily a female occupation, men are also involved. If a person wants to start this type of home based business, it is important to work out a business plan and set goals. For young mothers wishing to find a part time business opportunity to earn some extra income, the party plan method of sales may be an enjoyable and profitable business work checking out. It works exactly the same way as it does in the offline world – you talk about your day, ask about theirs, find out how the kids and family are doing, offer advice when asked for, and share your support.

You can use social media to create an office network to boost your productivity and keep you connected to others. Mom entrepreneur, business blogger, social media manager and author of How to be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life, Prerna loves helping work from home moms rock their WAHM life at The Mom Writes.
You have many ideas but like to test them out first and be sure they will work before you attempt any of them. When you get involved with a reputable company that you enjoy promoting, and you genuinely like or love the products, you can develop a satisfying home business with a good income. Tupperware was one of the early leaders with home parties and remains a viable way for people to earn money today. It should be determined how many home parties the person will present in a week or a month.
You get to be home with the kids, save time on commuting, save money on office wear and childcare, and most importantly – have a job.

In fact, if you want to extend your network and connect with more people in your industry, you can host a Twitter party and find yourself amongst thousands of fellow professionals or entrepreneurs. Using social tools like Skype to have a “real” conversation, or Flickr to swap photos of the kids, can help you battle isolation and still work out of home.
There are plenty of virtual conferences and webinars that give you the opportunity to socialize, network,and learn. Other items being regularly sold through home parties are jewelry, home decor, toys, and now food storage and emergency preparedness products.
These parties where guests expect to make purchases are a way to sell through direct sales as well using a network marketing aspect.

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