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So you want to work from home, and you don’t have more than a few dollars (or less) to your name. The following is a list of companies you can work at home for that do not make you pay them for anything prior to starting work. Accurate Background – They occasionally have openings for work from home background checkers. APAC – APAC is a company that hires work from home agents to help with customer service for their clients. Babbletype – This company hires home-based workers for transcription and transcription editing. Capital One – This popular credit card company hires people to work from home handling their customer service. Convergys – They hire at-home agents to answer incoming calls from home for their clients.
Metaverse Mod Squad – They hire for work from home moderation and a few other moderation positions. Most of the time when a work at home job charges any sort of fee, there is a concern it’s a scam.
Also, please let me know if any of these companies actually do charge some sort of fee and I will look into it and get it removed.
Subscribe Now & Get Updates!12,000 other subscribers are getting weekly work at home job leads and blog updates every Saturday morning. I worked for teletech recently from home and asked to be moved into a different client because the one I was working for I could no longer deal with the customers yelling at me personally for something the company did to wrong them. 7 March 2014 Disclosure: Some content includes links to sponsors or affiliates, which give me a small percentage of the sale.
After talking with several of you, it became apparent to me that a resource listing work from home companies was a NEED. Domainite – If you do well enough on their editing test, Domainite may let you start working for them as an editor. Language Development System – You can get started as an ESL tutor for Language Development System without prior experience in the industry (although prior experience is a plus), but you will need a college degree or at least be working on a college degree to be considered.

Reasoning Mind – No experience needed, but you do have to either have or be working toward a college degree.
Also, many of these companies offer more than one work from home position, so the required experience might vary depending on what they have available. 1-800-Flowers – This company hires home-based customer service reps for help handling inquiries and flower orders during the busiest flower-ordering seasons.
Working Solutions – This company does not list any prior call center or customer service experience on their jobs landing page, just some preferred skills they want you to have. I have already broken down the transcription companies that require no past experience on this page (the first section).
Language Line – They are frequently hiring work from home interpreters for various languages.
Most companies that hire many virtual assistants are more interested in your skill set rather than whether or not you’ve worked as a VA before. BabyCenter – This company occasionally hire work at home community moderators for their parenting forum.
Writing is one of the easiest work from home industries to break into because fortunately most of the places you can write for tend to be more interested in how well you can write rather than how many other writing jobs you’ve had. Those of us who are seeking work-at-home work precisely BECAUSE we can’t pass employment credit checks or reference checks or work experience requirements, BEWARE.
You find some information online that appears to be legit and you get all excited — until you see that the company charges you $30 (or more) for a background check before you can even start working. I asked for some names of companies where no one had to pay anything upfront, and I certainly received some great responses. You are mainly going to see the fees with employee positions — particularly call center work from home.
They do not charge you any fees to apply and in fact if you are accepted, they will supply you with equipment to do the work. FlexJobs is the only work at home job leads site that absolutely guarantees their listings will be scam-free. Companies include: Working Solutions, Liveops, Alpine Access, and 68 other options at Real Ways To Earn Money Online.

Since I write about what works at my house, what pleases my handsome hubby and darling children; I'm sure we'll disagree sometimes. Please comment below if you know if other companies that don’t require past experience.
This is another one with less-than-stellar reviews from workers, but you don’t need experience to get started. They don’t always have a need for workers and they only have projects occasionally throughout the year. You will need to take a test to get listed here to be eligible to take work, but it doesn’t look like you have to have past experience.
You may be able to land some translation jobs as long as you are fluent in your language, though experience would probably help you get higher-paying work. You don’t need experience, but you will have to pass a difficult skills test prior to accepting any work.
I used to do quite a bit of work for the company and so, can speak from personal experience.
During the time that I worked for them I received several reviews of my articles from the Textbroker editors in which they explained that they had rated one of my articles with a 3 instead of 4 because, in their opinion, I didn’t use the best phrasing for some concept that I was describing. From what I understand if you work for them directly, you shouldn’t have to pay anything. If you could find some work to do during nap-time or at night after they were sleeping, you would feel much more secure.
Some of the companies will say on their requirements that you need a college degree, but many people do end up getting hired without that.

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