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With that in mind, I am pleased to offer this remedial word finder game, which may be helpful to our spelling-challenged chief executive. If the grid is large enough, this is the way to get all the words to be included in the result.
I wanted to cram the most words into the smallest space, so I'm interested in the amount of cell reuse. The Junctions button shows a superimposed count of number of words using each cell if greater than 1.

I need to find a better way to do this because it's a bit hard to read, but I find it interesting anyway. One of the downsides of maximum cell reuse is that the program will always embed a word into another if possible.
After you build a puzzle, you can go to the word list window, select a word, then click Show Word.
You can embed spaces in the word list, but when the word is placed into the puzzle the spaces are not included.

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