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Social Media Campaigns: campaings with wider and more complex content needs such as good videos etc. In general a social media trend is certainly that brands are replacing the obsession of how their image is projected to how well they engage with people, how well the can help customers and make them happy and eventually loyal. In order to follow that appraoch companies need to engage in daily conversations, the heart and soul of Social Media Marketing, and this has to come authentically from you and your staff.
Getting started in social media is daunting for most brands, so in the first phases of a social media implementation companies can certainly benefit from the expertise of social media agencies.
Mehr Qualitats-User, Top App-Store Rankings, Social Media oder mobile Retargeting – fur ROI-positive Ergebnisse. By Brian Honigman Here are 100 of the most fascinating social media statistics and figures from 2012 that can help you better understand Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus for the coming year.
By Dion Hinchcliffe The consumer numbers of social media are well understood and it’s the leading way people engage online. Kind of like the white, grey, and black hats of SEO, Social Media appears to be whipping out a few hats of its own.
Think of social media as the proverbial toddler, running around in diapers and getting into everything, while desperately needing guidance and a bit of discipline.
Despite its infancy, there are a few things that have begun to emerge as clearly (and sometimes not so clearly) good and bad in regards to using social media well. Unfortunately, the lines between all of these hats are pretty blurry because social media often largely boils down to your audience. The major genius, however, wasn’t just the fact that Old Spice responded to their fans and followers using social media, rather, it was HOW they responded. Businesses are using social media for everything from product sales and promos, customer service and support, to branding and PR. And because of the inherent risks that come along with using social media, (ie: PR blunders that can go viral at warp speed, the ability to easily fabricate information to deceive others, and various privacy and security holes) tools like Archive Social and Smarsh are only going to increase in demand. With the massive influx of information that flows through a social media account, some method of archiving and organizing all of your company conversations is vital. This is where it gets much more difficult to figure out right from wrong or good versus bad.

Smart companies are recognizing the grey areas of social media and are implementing what’s known as social media policies for their brand in an effort to keep a handle on the way their brand is perceived. There are always those social faux pas’ that are frowned upon across the board when it comes to acceptable social media practices.
Then there are those companies that step square in the middle of cow dung with their social media antics and handle something poorly (and very publicly) which ultimately winds up being a PR nightmare. The Boners BBQ debacle is one shining example of a bad attitude and subsequent customer pushback that was handled very poorly (and yet still managed to nab quite a bit of attention).
Then there are mistakes such as the L’Oreal fiasco a few years back (a great post with a ton of corporate social media blunders), when blogging was still relatively new. The most recent Twitter drama of Geeklist’s misuse of social media is the another example of bad social PR. Social Media is not going anywhere and we would all do well to remember that what happens on the Internet pretty much stays on the Internet. Keep that in mind during your social media engagement and you will be one step closer to building an amazing brand. Great article, It seems that Social Media has taken the place of face-to-face customer service. A proper social media strategy has to be in place and needs to outline your social media marketing plan as well as your social media policy. It’s highly beneficial to know what KPIs are currently relevant for mobile app usage, but without understanding the difference between good and bad measurements of these KPIs, you’ll be struggling to see where to improve.
The answer is any of the above and any number of other social metrics, so for this list I’ve instead gone for the campaigns that I found to be most memorable, innovative, or downright funny.
However, the numbers are a bit murkier for social business, yet an interesting picture has emerged. A significant percentage of job seekers are passed over because of inappropriate posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, according to a CareerBuilder survey. In other words, try to keep your profiles, social avatars, and professional bios across networks, all similar in nature.
While there are many marketers that use this strategy (and perhaps even effectively), there are also many diehard social media junkies find this behavior offensive.

Although it does seem to do the job and garner attention, it is not a great use of social media by anyone’s standards.
A look at the 3 different ways to approach social media from the totally “white hat” approach, to “grey hat” to the all out nasty “black hat” spammers. You need to be aware of what you want to achieve on the social platforms if you want to decide whether to outsource social media or execute it with your own internal resources. Also for producing social media content you can use creative ideas from your social media agency. Also more technical or analytical tasks such as Social Media Monitoring can (and should be done) be provided by an agency.
Nielsen has just published their Social Media Report for 2012 and the numbers are staggering.
There's a good chance your next would-be employer is doing social media research along with reading your resume.
Be warned, pissing someone off on a social network, especially someone with a big following, is asking for trouble. The one thing that is for sure though, despite social media being in it’s infancy, it is now crucial if you are marketing online (and surely we all must nowadays). However this could have happened to internal as as well as external staff, it’s more a matter of using social media management tools the right way. When entering new phases of social media or dealing with new technology (which is plenty in social media), e.g. Social Media Advertising, Social Apps or other mobile services they should rely again on the proven knowledge of an agency.

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