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The good news is that social selling does not require a sales team to reprogram their brains.
In the 2015 State of Small Business Marketing report, when asked what marketing tools small businesses use, the #1 response at 61% was social media. When small businesses were asked which social networks they relied upon most, Facebook was #1 at 61%. During the off season, which is most of the year, maintain and grow your following by sharing useful content related to what you sell: berries.
Unlike most small businesses, a berry farm with a very short season should focus on only sharing content related to getting people out to pick and buy berries. Yes, social media is comprised of marketing channels that reach consumers, but it is also a marketing tool that allows B2B firms to craft or enhance their own brand in such a way that allows them to become experts in their field, which will attract customers to them. Social marketing also has a targeted reach capability that B2Bs need to efficiently message directly to their potential customers. With Facebook’s advanced search options, you can extend the reach of your brand onto social channels by using targeted, paid messages that pinpoint users in certain demographics, geographic areas, or who have certain interests.
That site’s advanced search features can identify users with certain job titles, in certain industries, or in specific locations. Using the search and ad functions found in social media makes your advertising budget more efficient because you are only talking to those individuals to whom you are targeting.
Just like wearing a company’s t-shirt or hat, social media does a great job of building awareness. Blogging and social posts allow you to demonstrate your expertise in your industry through your content. Search engines also index (meaning they look at and take into account the content you have there) social sites such as Pinterest, Slideshare, and of course Google Plus.
Social Marketing is the most affordable avenue available right now to reach your target audience. This is the greatest benefit of social marketing, and is also the major difference between traditional, one-way advertising, and today’s two-way, digital marketing. If none of the reasons above motivate you to establish a presence on social media, then consider this: Your Competition is Probably Already There! A recent Social Media Today blog post reports that in 2012, 83% of all businesses had a page on Facebook.
To demonstrate how businesses feel about social media, consider that a 2012 survey showed that 64% of B2B businesses believe social media is the second-most important factor in their web search strategy, and that they had adopted it, and were investing in it.
Further, the same study reported that 75% of B2B firms expect to use social media in their future purchasing. Bob Turner is a certified Social Marketing and experienced Digital Marketing professional with Engage321.

In this section of the presentation, I will address four of them: quota attainment, improved prospecting, increased thought leadership, and better marketing-sales alignment.
Right now, our marketing department shares their created assets and some industry news with Sales. It's great for customer service as having a strong presence on social media and a well managed account allows them to find you and ask you any questions they may have about a product or service, all at the click of a button. The highest priority should always be to build a list to capture visitors arriving from social or search.
If 61% of small businesses are active on social media, all of them should be sharing new content.
When we first meet them, they’re not convinced of the need for a social marketing strategy.
The 225 million users share their professional profiles and gather to discuss business topics. By establishing your brand on social networks and posting regularly, your business has the opportunity to generate buzz, and create prospects out of your target audience.
Through blogging and social posts, brands now have the opportunity to show their expertise. The social channels that you want to be part of (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Slideshare) require no investment to set up a company page.
It’s been documented that many companies are using social networks as customer service channels to work out issues or questions that might arise.
Along with creating authority for your brand, this is the most important reason to be involved with social media. The personal endorsement by a consumer is at zero cost to the hotel or restaurants. 2)Maximize revenue by promotions via social media Many hotel and restaurant chains have started to offer promotions and special deals through the social media channels only. Social selling is a modern sales technique that enables sales teams to identify prospects, nurture them, and generate pipeline via social media. Many businesses try to use social media to sell directly, however it's more of an influencer than a direct point of sale. Social advertisers can target their ads to reach a certain demographic, region, industry, job title or interests.
Others are actively monitoring the social sphere, using any mention of their name as an opportunity to reach out and touch the customer in a positive fashion. Your marketing department continuously produces great content, and they stay on top of the latest industry trends. Once our social selling program is up and running, we will be able to build a centralized content library, as well as a workflow for that library. It would be fantastic if we could work with marketing to create a content strategy for the sales team.

Sales and Marketing will be able to find, curate, and share content internally with the sales team. With the advent of marketing automation and content marketing, there is optimism that marketing will be able to provide sales teams with more leads. Social media builds brand awareness and brand equity 4)Bond with guest: Many studies have proved consumers loyalty is higher to brands that engages them on social media networks. And while these marketing tools and tactics are undoubtedly helpful, the fact remains: today, sales teams need to produce their own leads. Hotels and restaurants that engages consumers on social media constantly have seen their revenue increase. Meanwhile, IDG Connect has found that the majority (57%) of B2B IT buyers use social networks as part of their purchase process.
Engaged customers spend more money and return back to hotel or restaurant more often 5)Personalisation of Customer service: Social media networks is a new opportunity for hotels and restaurants to personalise their customer service. Marketing places every asset and message in one place, and Sales has access to those assets and those messages. Every social media profile the business adds is another path leading back to your site, and every piece of content you syndicate on those profiles is another opportunity for a new visitor. The more quality content you syndicate on social media, the more interest you generate, and more traffic means more leads and more conversions. 7)Decreased Marketing Costs. Platforms are easily set up and campaigns can be run by social media management company like HBT Media Management. Sales Benchmark Index has found that social media is the number one source of opportunities generated by sales representatives. Social media increases direct bookings 8)Better SEO and increase inbound traffic generating more website traffic to your site through social media is the paramount priority.
Furthermore, social selling has the highest lead to close conversion rate of all prospecting methodologies.
Your Google+ presence will have the biggest long-term impact on improving your search engine optimization through social media.
Social selling sees about a 15% prospecting conversion rate, at least 5 times greater than the 3% prospecting success rate from marketing activities.
MarketingProfs research has shown that organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing departments experience higher win rates.

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