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The most obvious and direct way that businesses are making money online is through e-commerce. There are also other ways to make a direct profit off your online presence, such as pay-per-click marketing and affiliate marketing; but I like to tell clients not to overlook the not-so-immediate ROI. There’s a perception out there that online content creation and social media marketing should somehow result in an immediate monetary return on investment (ROI). If your business is selling tangible products, it might make sense for you to integrate an online store complete with product images on your website.

As social media permeates our lives more and more, the distinct lines between online and offline blur.
I used to joke that the only people who make money in social media are the people who run a program for a company looking to be on social media. Amazon, eBay, Spiegel, JCPenney and Sears are all online; but they operate in their own silos. Today, there are over a billion people worldwide that interact with social media on a regular basis.

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