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The subject of jobs that pay under the table was covered recently in several articles about the underground economy, but due to the massive amount of email I have received on the subject, I felt it worthwhile to revisit the issue with a fairly large list to give you some ideas that might lead you to think of some resource or skill that you can use to live a more self-dependent lifestyle.
Given the state of the world’s economy these days, gutted by austerity and off-shoring and outsourcing of domestic jobs, it comes as no surprise to me why the whole topic of working for cash is a hot one these days.
I agree, in the end, making money by doing something against the law will cause more problems than it solves in your life.
I don’t mean to sound negative but in todays America too many people are willing to report you simply because they want to cause trouble for you. But I don’t think that one has anything to worry about as the suggestions above are intended to generate some self-employment and quick cash income.
I really think there is a wild card on the horizon too – cryptocurrencies, ie, Bitcoin, etc. That would depend on the type of job, level of security clearance, level of authority, etc. What follows are some more ideas to get you thinking of something that might be an out for you. Selling homemade preserves, pastries and that sort of thing at farmer’s markets is a great source of income.

If you have a pickup with an 8 foot box, this is an easy way to make a few bucks on the side. But the thing is that what is suggested above is not to cheat the government and not declare taxes, but to generate a quick cash income. In any event, I thought it might be useful to post a list of such positions in hope that it might give some ideas on how to get some extra revenue flowing in these extraordinarily difficult times as a stop gap towards legitimate self-employment. In some cities I have even heard of people stealing manhole covers and selling them for scrap, which although obviously illegal, proves my point that there is money in metal. Either they have a super hero complex and want to constantly rat people out to the police or they may be simply unhappy with your service and rat you out. Some people buy things on e-bay and craigslist to resell at a higher cost and that does get reported. Someone working in i…mmigration might start out making $25-$40k per year, depending on the job.
It is highly probable that some of these ideas can lead to you establishing your own, legitimate business. I've recently had to quit work due to poor health but, I still have bills to pay, food to buy and take care of incidentals but, at this time, I have NO income.I do craft and scrapbook so I am going to try to use those skills to make do.

The best way I have found is to buy cars on craigslist or at an impound yard (sale is reported ) and fix it up and resell at 5-10x the cost. Locations like New York that are more expensive to live in do tend to include a "cost of living" adjustment though, in addition to the standard pay for the position. Again, you are a small fish to the IRS.The big fish working "Under the table" jobs are illegal. Working under-the-table will never allow you to make enough to actually live on but it will help in keeping your head above water!!Those of you that feel it's wrong, I hope you NEVER have to be in a situation like a lot of us have found ourselves in..
These people can get thousands of dollars weekly, monthly or yearly and no taxes ever get paid.

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