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TweetResearch and understanding the core essence of what social media is and how it is being applied is one of the most challenging yet exciting opportunities for public relations professionals and students. There are many universities that have established either a social media class or has faculty and graduate students doing research in the area.
Besides foundations and established research centers, there are of course several centers that have been established in universities.
USC Annenberg: The researchers working in the new media and technology division of their research center focus on the growing changes in the new technology and how it impacts public relations, international communications, social network theory, and communication innovation. University of Colorado Connectivity Lab: If you are interested in crisis communications within social media, this is a center and research team you will want to make sure to follow as well. Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford: Great research looking at persuasion and how it can be effectively be used in social media and mobile.

In summary, these are just a few of the various research centers in the professional world and at universities. More research centers will emerge as the technology continues to evolve and more businesses are expecting professionals not only to be able to look at what has been done, look at the various gaps that could be addressed, and strategically and creatively think about what you can do to contribute to the body of knowledge. Discovery Research Group is a market research solutions provider that has been conducting research for over 25 years.
A presentation on work by the Government Social Research (GSR) Social Media Working Group to lay out guidelines for future social media research (by Hugh King).
There are several focus topics related to this research group with new media, including political communications and organizations just to name a few. The center is not only engaged with research with their faculty, but also with their students – which is great.

Great resources and research coming out of the MIT Media Lab that is cutting edge and changing the social media and emerging technologies research lines across disciplines. In addition, one professor you may want to review and follow is Henry Jenkins – great innovator and thought leader in digital media with his commentary and research. It is this social aspect of social media where actor-network theory can be most usefully employed, as the agency of things themselves may frequently be overlooked (Adams & Thompson, 2011) when rushing to understand the black box of assumptions present in social media research and practice.

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