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The cornerstone of Search (both SEO (Organic) and SEM (Paid)) is relevant keywords; the cornerstone for Social Media is relevant content. Since pictures tell a 1000 words, some great picture have been created to show how search and social media work together.
Today, social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram give search engines a direct lens into your brand’s customer experience. Small businesses can take the following steps on social media to keep search rankings as high as possible. Through social media channels, small businesses can build links naturally and authentically. Share articles on the social media channels where your audiences are most likely to be present, and pay attention to the nuances of each platform and the shelf-life of the content therein. Many searches are conducted by users on the go, which means that your social media needs to be optimized for local search. For small businesses, a social-meets-SEO strategy requires a balance of long- and short-term planning.
Different social networks are conducive to different end goals, so establish a presence on the platforms most popular with your audience, and focus on ways to keep your business top of mind so that they can make immediate and informed shopping decisions. Social SEO is the practice of optimizing the content and contextual link opportunities that exist within social networks.

One of the hidden values of popular social networking are that they provide companies with the opportunity to create thousands of authentic links or recommendations from people who are likely to actually purchase the service or product. The prevalence of social media has helped make companies seize more “virtual real estate.” It is no longer enough to simply claim the top spot on the search results. After these keywords are chosen, successful social media marketing generally incorporates videos or imagery into its content. Contact us now for any information you might have regarding pricing, installation, quotes, custom builds, seo, design, etc.
High quality content tends to generate more shares and engagement on social media — a signal to search engines that the information your brand is providing is helpful and engaging. As marketing consultant Brian Honigman pointed out in an article for SumAll, social shares are a new form of link building — an indication that audiences find value in your content and business. In addition to tapping into the popular social media channels already mentioned, it’s important to maintain a presence on general location-based social channels, such as Yelp and Foursquare, as well as channels that are specific to your business, such as Shopkick for retailers or Urban Spoon for restaurants. While social sites attempt to help marketers and businesses spread their message, they also have interest in protecting the experience of their users.
The techniques used to increase the popularity of a website among search engines are known as search engine optimization, or SEO.
Positive word of mouth invariably spreads on Social Networks and the amount of people who share your pages are also factored into where you place in Search Engine Results Page.

What happens is that you have to have an optimized sales process to justify the ability to bid higher. Due to its overwhelming popularity in the last ten years, the impact of social media has become a substantial component of a website’s SEO strategy.
If you were smart, you would do some keyword research and find out what the most competitive search term is for your industry.
Social media is currently one of the most effective ways of engaging with consumers; SEO is the vehicle in which the message is conveyed. In this article we will explore how companies can receive the maximum benefit from integrating different social media marketing techniques into their overall strategy. At any rate, once you know what that keyword is, stick to variations of that naming convention within your content on the page description, the URL and the same goes for any other Social Media profile you set up. In this way, social media marketing allows companies to build a genuine relationship with its customers that traditional search optimization methods alone rarely achieve.

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