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One of the best things to ever be invented in social media was the social media management platform. I first realized the trouble with monitoring when Google+ became the hot new social media platform. It came with a built-in conversation tool that had the ability for myself and my team to talk about any social media post and respond effectively — without the limitations of email. I have a thought leadership team who is always there as a social media resource for the constant changes. Best of all, clients can effectively work beside my team on social media projects and joint monitoring. Thank you for being so responsive and providing white-glove service throughout a major shift in our content strategy for web and social media.
Oyetola Oyewumi is a well respected Online Reputation Strategist, Online Reputation Management & Social Media Expert as well as a Public and Keynote Speaker.

Social Media is not a one size fits all service, the expertise used to manage, market and execute a Social Media Campaign for one company is not going to be the same for another. Get your brand fully optimized by utilizing social media as a platform and connect with your audience. The best strategies start with getting the most out of the main social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. The right social media plan and a social media marketing strategy that will help you target your audience and offer excellent customer service.
We could not have done it without the D Custom partnership–we have built a platform for a long-lasting relationship. In the same way that A Tv ad is different from a Radio ad so are the various Social Media platforms uniquely different from one another.
There are many more social media platforms that can be effective for your business, but it all depends on the audience they are trying to connect with.

I never left a session without being inspired to ask more of whatever task it was we were pursuing; [they] always raised the bar.
Similarly the social Media Campaign for a restaurant will be different from that for a Hotel.
Utilizing social media is an excellent way of building customer relations that are long term. With social media you are creating a more effective online presence that gets you in touch with more potential customers.

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