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In the past five years, the explosion of social media tools has allowed teachers young and old to build connections in a manner that was previously not possible. Without social media tools, my PLN would most likely be limited at this point to the people I attended college with, my cooperating teacher from student teaching and some of his colleagues, and the small number of music teachers I have worked closely with in the first five years of my teaching career.
If I have a question about score study, or field trip permission slips, or working with administrators, I can post it on Facebook or Twitter and receive dozens of responses from varied perspectives in a matter of minutes.
Social media can definitely be intimidating for some teachers, but the educators using each of these tools tend to be very welcoming and encouraging. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, we all agree that the discipline is rather new, and in this article, we will get you through the best ways to claim a job in social media. First, you have to learn every tips and tricks on all social platforms, making sure you know them like the back of your hand.
Alex has yet to graduate but is the former Community Manager at Social Media London and loves writing. Gain ExposureWeRSM is your opportunity to spread the word about your product, service or event to thousands of social media enthusiasts and professionals throughout the world. In my line of work, I frequently get asked to review job descriptions for social media-related positions. The kind of person who gets a graduate degree in social media marketing is exactly the type of person that your organization should not hire to guide your use of digital platforms and content marketing. Beware the social media community manager whose primary credential was earned in an ivory tower – these people are dangerous to your brand. Getting a degree in social media is incongruent with the revolutionary pace of change in the industry. Smart social media managers understand that the digital landscape changes and what makes these real-time, two-way platforms so powerful is their ability to connect with an evolving right now. Social media helps your organization achieve a greater goal like visitation or donor support…and the best tool for the job often changes. Smart social media folks are eager to learn how to use new tools…but they are wise not to invest more time learning techniques than the length of time that those tools may be relevant. A person who chooses to obtain a master’s degree in social media (specialized, single-purpose) has actively decided not to pursue a master’s degree in communications, management, or even the humanities (degrees that generally focus on how to think). If one thing is for certain about social media, it’s this: Tips and tricks for specific platforms or even entire systems aren’t long-term. For the reasons listed above, investing in getting a degree in social media may be a questionable investment of time and money.
We are developing a program that combines critical thinking with generalist skills in new media.
I work with nonprofit leaders to ensure the long-term relevance and financial success of their visitor-serving organizations. When Julie Clark McKinney arrived at work Wednesday morning, the first thing she did was check Facebook to see if anyone ‘liked’ her images. She’s not bored at work – it is her job as state community engagement specialist at newspaper company Alabama Media Group. But with social media evolving so quickly, a question is whether professionals need a degree or simply practical training. Andrew Selepak, the course tutor for the University of Florida masters’ program, said the classes are geared more for professionals who want to learn social media research methods and digital communication theory to enhance their jobs.

Selepak’s Masters course might be the first full-on masters-program for social media, but other social media courses exist in the graduate space.
McKinney, who holds an undergraduate degree in journalism from Auburn University, said she hopes the University of Florida program will make her more valuable to employers.
The fact that you can come and go as needed, share or consume resources as you see fit, while having total autonomy over your PD makes for a very refreshing experience. Joe is currently finishing up a master’s degree in music education at the University of Michigan, and he is the moderator of #musedchat on Twitter.
Previously, he held a social media manager position for one of the best video game teams in the world, building a community of 190,000 strong in 9 months only. In a world in which seemingly everyone with a Facebook profile calls himself or herself a social media guru, it can be hard to identify the folks with the foresight and talent to transcend simply utilizing social media tools to strategically leveraging social media to ensure the sustainable relevance and solvency of an organization.
Though it is unclear how popular this kind of degree (or even related certification programs) may currently be, my aim is to provide a framework to identify the attributes and skills that suggest a truly qualified candidate to help maximize your organization’s social media opportunities. Beware of social media managers who underestimate how quickly social media tools and market trends change. Beware of social media managers who are not capable of thinking critically about how to apply societal developments to strategic decisions.
Beware of social media managers who are willing to make shortsighted investments of time and money. We do engage teachers in using certain tools, but I’m hopeful that they get much more out of our programming than just how to plug and chug into certain software programs and rather think about engaging the learners they work with in the creation of media that teaches others while also deepening their own understandings. A master degree in social media would not be a viable option for students in this day and age where student loan debt is kept around for longer than most people keep their marriages. Her role includes community management, social media postings and coordinating social media for four websites. An industry that is so dependent on tools provided by outside sources could easily become defunct, and skills practiced in school might lack value in the workplace. The College of Online and Continuing Education at Southern New Hampshire University offers an MBA in Social Media Marketing. It is the nearly perfect system, I believe the best: but every thing needs improvement with the time, Democracy need improvement. This political debate, resembles a reality show that benefits only the medias, the networks and some others profiteers that love the dispute between participator of an administration position to make a profit from the debate of the existing parties, Republican, Democrats, and Independent. The political system, need to work as one, not as adversaries, political parties make war between the people in order to elect a public servant. All this will end with a Democracy without political parties, If the legislator haves no need to debates for political and personal interest, the democratic system will perform better as a government team, not as political parties, concentrating in creating the perfect legislation for the benefit of the nation only, not for political or personal gain as the existing political parties system does.
I was planning on trying to find a decent mass communications program or major in marketing with a social media concentration. There are so many companies falling all over themselves for expertise in social media and like it or not in the corporate world people "feel better' about recruiting someone in an emerging field if they think they have credentials.
It sounds like you may think it's a joke, but the truth is, the social media program at Florida had higher requirements than graduate programs at many other respected schools (I checked into many different programs before deciding).
Social media marketing is foremost about people, the way they act on social media, and being able to grasp their attention in only a few seconds. Yet I’m now a Social Media Analyst for one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the UK.

Don’t be afraid to speculatively message key people from companies you would love to work for that may have social media roles you could excel in.
That’s interesting to me in that I am the Director of the New Media program in Electronic Media Communication at Middle Tennessee State University.
However, as a self-starter, I offered my social media services to the Asian community in my hometown, and I worked for free for a startup for four months doing their social media, writing, networking, and lead generation. McKinney is one of a growing number of people employed as social media specialists, whose role is to monitor brand activity and engagement online.
She has submitted an application to enroll at The University of Florida for what the college bills as the first graduate social-media masters program. For example, Facebook is notorious for changing its algorithm at a moments notice, and this can radically alter a social media experts Facebook ‘skillset’, as they then have to learn a new strategy for that platform.
The experienced candidate with the relevant graduate degree is going to beat out the candidate with a blog and 10k Twitter followers and no graduate degree every time in a big company.
Also, I have a successful career working in social media already, and I own my own home - and haven't lived with my parents since I graduated from high school.
Digital Marketing and PR courses also feel appropriate as the role will include a fair bit of Social Media Marketing (depending on employer and its business objectives).
It wasn’t down to one degree or one qualification – it was the diversity of my experience, both academic and personal, that helped me throughout my career in digital marketing. You need to make sure you really want a job in social media, plus, a lot of jobs you might want actually exist. A degree in social media in a hopeful attempt to offer a program to boost university revenue. And it becomes an opportunity for our students since they will KNOW how to work in current and future communication environments. An issue I have noticed is that a lot of people think that social media is not yet a useful tool, but this is slowly changing.
The classes for the Masters in Mass Communication, Social Media degree involve in-depth analysis of social tools and manipulation of them to gather news, do business and even shop. Otherwise, these degrees run the risk of leaving you highly skilled in a very narrow field of expertise. There are so, so many people working in digital marketing and social media, and every one has their own views, their own opinions, their own expertise and skills, but keeping those qualities silent and hidden away won’t do you or your prospective employer any good. It is up to her to leverage any new job opportunities after she earns the degree to make sure that it was a good decision in the long term.
Our Social Media Manager has a degree in Communications and a strong background in Human Resources. Our CEO has a degree in Business Management with a Psychology minor and started the marketing company over 20 years ago.

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