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In this post I’ll talk about how you can build an Azure WebJob to act as a scheduled job for your Office 365 (or on-prem, should you like) SharePoint installation. In traditional SharePoint development we have Timer Jobs, which performs scheduled tasks in your SharePoint farms.
With Office 365 and SharePoint Online, you don’t have the luxury to deploy your farm solutions, which is where your traditional timer jobs normally live. In order to build a new WebJob from scratch, all we need to do is create a new console application and make sure we add the required assemblies to the project. In order for this to work and be a valid approach, a specific account should be created that acts as a service account – either for this specific application or a generic service application account that all your jobs and services can use. In my sample above I’m showing a WebJob that is executing actions on a custom list in one of my sites hosted in my SharePoint Online site collection. Using the Azure Portal where you keep all of your awesomeness in Azure, you can upload a zip-file containing the output from Visual Studio’s build.

In my case, I already have an Azure WebSite for some of my Office 365 demos so I’ll just use that one. This is my favorite one at this point because I can use the tooling in Visual Studio to quickly publish any changes directly to my hosted service. While this can all be done with earlier versions of Visual Studio, I made everything work with Visual Studio 2015. While there’s not very much to building an Azure WebJob, you can make them quite complex. A commonly used technique is to develop custom timer jobs in order to continuously or iteratively perform certain tasks in your environment.
Instead, we have to find another way to schedule our tasks – this brings us to the concept of an Azure WebJob.
In this sample I’ll use Visual Studio 2015 (preview), which as its name implies is currently in a beta.

However all the Console.WriteLine additions are added in order for us to review the execution of the jobs easily from the Azure Portal. The other benefit will become clear soon, as you can also schedule the job exactly how you want it to execute directly from the dialogs in Visual Studio. You can either import a publishing profile or select Microsoft Azure WebSites in order to authenticate and select one of your existing sites.

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