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Average Data Warehouse Data Analyst salaries for job postings in Manhattan, NY are 36% higher than average Data Warehouse Data Analyst salaries for job postings nationwide.
Yes, that is correct, the vaults of the Fed are right across from the Chase Manhattan Plaza. Earlier this month, I wrote a column about Beijing’s plans to shift the Chinese economy from its heavy dependence on manufacturing, investment and exports to more consumption and service jobs. But at the same time, the bank was bringing in more and more physical gold to store it in its vault below the famous Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York.

We would have a sever recession if we don't print money at that moment and we would have inflation if we do which I believe is the best scenario - jobs should be available for almost everyone since we can't import cheap oil and trinkets anymore, wages and gold price should go up with everything else according to free market.
The New Deal had provided jobs and eased suffering for millions, and the economy improved substantially as the 1930s progressed (the exception, a recession in 1937 when FDR backed off on the stimulus). The leaders are Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Los Altos), San Francisco, Manhattan and Boston. Just look at the chart for the registered physical gold at warehouses with the COMEX, the American futures market.

Amazon, which is not very forthcoming for such a large corporation, did not say what these jobs would pay.

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