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According to a recent Jobvite survey, 66% of recruiters and hiring managers are using Facebook to find qualified job candidates. Significantly, this is up from just 55% the previous year, and as Facebook’s user base approaches two billion, it’s likely you’ll see an even steeper increase in coming years.
That said, there is a right way, and a wrong way to recruit on a social media site like Facebook which, compared to someplace like LinkedIn, is much more focused on the “social” half of the social networking equation. Not only can you apply to work at Accenture and get customized job recommendations directly through their Facebook page (using an app powered by Work4) but the company also fills the page chock full of information and updates for potential applicants. If the 1.2 million likes of Marriott’s careers page doesn’t impress you by itself, maybe the fact that Marriott has four times more likes and followers than even Facebook’s own careers page might get you thinking that, perhaps, they’re doing a lot right. In keeping with their theme of user engagement, Marriott also runs “Career Chats” on the page where four to five Marriott employees answer user questions in real time and offer helpful advice on applying and being accepted to jobs within the company.
The ability to apply through the Facebook page, and a centralized calendar of events (integrated with Facebook’s events functionality) round out the offerings here.
Dell’s career page on Facebook, like Marriott’s, has more likes than Facebook’s own careers page.
Unilever breaks up their Facebook job postings into “Early Careers” and “Professional Careers” to help applicants self-target their job search. To setup an ad on Facebook, you will need to go to the Advertising section and log in to your Facebook account.

The first thing you will do is choose a destination which can be your website or your Facebook page.
LinkedIn’s cost per click is usually higher than Facebook, but when it comes to looking for potential job candidates, a network dedicated to professionals is the best way to go. The background checks companies used to do on potential employees seem like child’s play compared to what some employers are doing to get the dirt on job candidates today. If a candidate’s Facebook or other social profile is set to private, logging into the account lets hiring managers find out what exactly the individual is up to. This indicates a lot of opportunity to find great applicants within the mammoth social network’s membership. In addition to allowing visitors to apply for any one of thousands of jobs, broken down and easily searchable by location and specialty, Marriott really excels at the core tenets of successful social media recruiting. From sharing comments by customers about the great service they received with individual employees, to posting Taco Bell uniform selfies, the careers page does a great job of showing potential applicants what it’s like to work there. The things they’re doing right include highlighting the achievements of individual employees, allowing users to apply to jobs through the page (with a Taleo app), and showcasing the company’s culture through employee quotes and pictures of events. This week, we’re going to look specifically at using social advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn to attract even more potential employees to your career opportunities. In the previous post, we looked at using social media to get exposure for your job openings to your current audience.

If you want people to apply to your job on your website, your best bet would be to send them to the career opportunities page on your website. While that may not seem like a lot, the thing you have to realize is that your ad won’t be shown to just anyone – it will just be shown to the most relevant Facebook users. Because of LinkedIn’s professional profile settings, you can target people by location, company, job title, school, skills, group, gender, and age.
If you're sick and tired of email and spreadsheets to manage your candidates, give us a try for free. What you hope to see is professional blog posts, references to previous jobs and maybe a bit about a job candidate’s love for travel. When people who match that criteria log onto Facebook or LinkedIn, there is a chance that, no matter where they are, they will see your ad.
But you will want to narrow it down to people who fit your job description using the targeting options.

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