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There are many out there who judge the renaissance, the come back, the revival (or whatever you want to call it) as a return of manufacturing jobs.
But the EPI states what I agree with: that this change would undermine and mask the real underlying issues of American Manufacturing Jobs and the look at the industry's true organic growth.
Tell me if you've heard this story before -- American manufacturing has been dying for years.

And although we have lost jobs due to factories shut down here and sent to China, those jobs eventually would have been phased out due to the increase in automation in manufacturing anyway.
It's estimated that a 25% increase in ethane supplies could create 400,000 American manufacturing jobs alone. In an earlier post, I said that manufacturing for the most part has remained strong (with less of a dip in this recession in output than in previous recessions) and no, we aren't going to see the jobs level that we have seen in the past.

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