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Local politicians are threatening to cancel city contracts that give UPS millions of dollars in breaks on parking fines. UPS fired back that it might need to terminate additional employees if the city alters its contract. UPS employs 1,400 workers at the Maspeth distribution center where the strike took place on Feb. For that reason, strikes are not an approved method of conflict resolution in UPS' contract with the union, he said.
One of the workers facing dismissal had just returned to his job after a serious accident, according to the Daily News. According to the Hartford Courant, UPS hopes that by hiring more help, it will avoid past holiday shipping issues.

Many retailers offer last-minute deals and promise delivery in time for the holidays, causing big issues for not only UPS, but the U.S.
If you are interested in working either a full-time or part-time holiday position with UPS, there are positions open for package handlers, drivers, and drivers-helpers.
In addition to hiring seasonal help for the upcoming holiday season, UPS is making sure the company prepares for an a massive increase in online sales in the coming years. UPS announced on Tuesday that it will hire up to 95,000 seasonal employees to help with deliveries and shipping during the upcoming holiday season.
According to UPS, there are both full-time and part-time positions available and some may turn into permanent jobs. Starting pay will be approximately $10.10 an hour for most jobs, but the company will be paying as much as $30 per hour for drivers.

UPS’ competitor, FedEx has yet to reveal its hiring plans for the holidays and Wal-Mart, which hired approximately 60,000 holiday workers last year, has not released the number of employees they will hire this season.
UPS hopes to remedy this problem by hiring more help and contacting retailers to get an estimate of how many orders they expect to ship during the holiday season. Click on the job you are interested in for details including hours, duties, and pay information. UPS is currently investing $1 billion in their facilities and equipment, and will continue to hire more staff, both seasonal and permanent.

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