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Heinerth, who has been diving for more than 20 years, says she was inspired as a young girl to be an explorer.
When she first joined the ranks of underwater explorers, being one of the few women was often a challenge. Next time you're craving a snack, thank Nancy Scott and Deborah "Deb" Davis for transporting your Frito-Lay goodness in 18-wheelers.
Organizations like Women In Trucking help by encouraging the employment, promoting the accomplishments of (and minimizing the obstacles faced by) women in the trucking industry.
But Cavanagh says her toughest critics are women, some of whom don't understand why she works Sundays and watches games. Home shows on television have made carpentry a more feasible career for women because they see others doing it, Johnson says. She also recently taught a carpentry class for female undergraduates at Tulane University in New Orleans.
She adds: ‘Some of them even invented their own jobs – such as the sandcastle instructor – which I found quite charming’. After a dozen years with Ford, she has advanced to a vehicle dynamics development engineer, the only female to do so.

Scott drives across the Southeast, while Davis drives through the Midwest, and both were honored this year for driving 2 million accident-free miles. Mindy Vuong, a cannoneer on an artillery battery at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, is part of the Marine Corps' Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force.
Mindy Vuong, a cannoneer on an artillery battery at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, is part of the Marine Corps' Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force. Then last week, they followed the advance party out to Twentynine Palms for what is expected to be three intense months of combat-skills testing in the Mojave Desert.
In 2009, women are proudly bridging that gap between what was once thought impossible and what is now being achieved. After that, some head to Camp Pendleton and the mountain warfare center in Bridgeport for further evaluations.Before they signed up for the task force, the servicewomen were forging military careers in combat support positions. Here, we speak to six women about their unconventional careers and how they thrive in a man's world that sometimes still hangs onto old stereotypes. So whether you're just starting out on your career path or daydreaming about greener pastures, check out the 15 jobs you never knew existed. They have to wriggle around, rock, lean back, lean forward and assess the overall level of comfort.

It’s like we are not even going to take you seriously, for something you can’t control,” she said.Vuong, a cannoneer in the artillery battery of the Marine Corps’ gender-integrated task force, started her career as a data networking specialist for a Marine headquarters unit.
Vuong thought it would be a unique opportunity and a chance to “put your money where your mouth is,” regarding her views on the capabilities of women.Mixed-gender ground combat units have “never been done before (in the United States), so I think that we should at least give it a fair chance and see what happens. She kept at it for 16 years at the same school, where many of her fellow students and instructors had a military background.“My martial arts teacher, he is probably one of the biggest influences on my life,” she said.
Vuong absorbed the work ethic, self-discipline and physical rigors of martial arts.All that fighting with nunchaku sticks and the years of training to do as many as 10 pull-ups didn’t quite prepare her for the rigors of service as an artillery cannoneer.
A physical trainer she consulted for help recommended shoulder presses, squats and deadlifts.Even after a month of artillery school and more than three months training with the mixed-gender task force, it’s still a struggle.

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