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Select a category that interests you and go ahead and explore the wonderful world of Twitter apps!
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This is a pretty cool search engine and it did return relevant results on various types of job profiles. Twitter, the mass social media lets your job hunt much easier and smoother than you ever dream off! Twitter works on microblogging services effectively using instant messaging, web interfaces and SMS.
Although many companies have been shedding jobs, some employers and recruiters have turned to Twitter to post positions and find new talent. Twitter hashtags are indexed at, a gigantic and sometimes (ironically) overwhelming list of categories that users have created to help others sort through the noise on Twitter.
On Twitter, you can search for these hashtags by putting the symbol "#" in front of the phrase (for example: #jobs) when you type it into Twitter's search engine. The search engine will return tweets that have been assigned the #jobs hashtag in real-time. In addition to hashtags, many career management organizations, experts and non-profits also keep Twitter pages that tweet new job postings.

Other handles that job seekers may want to follow don't necessarily just mention job postings. Areaface is one of several tools that lets you search for Twitter users in a specific city or town. Search results can be sorted by date or relevance, and there are several filters including the date of the job posting, the job title, job type, salary, location, and more.
A unique feature is that any word on the search results can be clicked to add it to your search query. If you’re looking to connect with like-minded Twitter users, doing a basic keyword search on recent tweets may not produce the kind of results you want. In twitter people and companies connect themselves in different way to reach out to seekers the bespoken way.
This would help a lot the employers and companies to post up job openings and job seekers to find it fast.
TwitJobSearch is a search engine which helps to search jobs via Twitter through specific keywords. But knowing how to get what you want from Twitter's search tool, and sorting through hashtags (#) assigned to job posts, can be tricky.
The weakness to searching a hashtag alone: You will be forced to sieve through hundreds or thousands of jobs that might not interest you.

The results are fairly up-to-date, too: The most recent tweet captured in the search above was published within an hour of my search. Searchtastic is limited by the Twitter API, though, and readily admits that it can’t index all tweets. For example, too.Zappos got their web page with Twitter link which enables the Twitter users to get to know what Zappo employers are up to. For example, search your company and you can see how many people from the company are Twitter members. Also, Twitter's search tool, while serviceable, sometimes makes it hard to narrow your job inquiries down to something specific. We also learned about a few Twitter handles (Twitter user names) that post some helpful content if you're trying to land your next gig. Consequently, it might be tempting to visit Twitter's advanced search engine and type in the hashtag (#jobs) along with a keyword related to your expertise (say, "project manager"). But first, an interesting Twitter search tool with potentially serious local search implications.

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