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Say goodbye to full-time jobs with benefits Many people looking for work are having trouble finding the traditional full-time job with benefits. Employees who do not respond to phone calls or emails from their boss make a major statement that they are not interested in the job or the company. Employees who focus on issues unrelated to their own job show the boss that they are more interested in what others are doing or not doing in the office than their own responsibilities.
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Perhaps the most surprising finding of the global survey, says Manpower CEO Jeffrey Joerres, was that fewer companies than in previous years seemed concerned about the effect such shortages will have on investors and customers, suggesting that the respondents didn’t expect performance to suffer as a result.
Top Stories previouspausenext Debating the English Major: ‘It's Not Just About Getting a Job’ Technical majors provide training that links directly to job skills but the benefits of majoring in humanities often aren't realized until later in life, says Anthony P. Written and edited by The Wall Street Journal’s Management & Careers group, At Work covers life on the job, from getting ahead to managing staff to finding passion and purpose in the office. It is never a good idea to complain about the work others are doing or the extra duties that have been handed to you because everyone has to tackle tasks that are not in their original job description. Whatever your job search requirements in terms of function, industry, location or job type, you can bank on Gig to help you reach them.

Assuming you’re making all the right moves and avoiding the really obvious job seeker mistakes, there are a few points to consider that could be your ticket out of unemployment.
With so many job applicants, recruiters are naturally going to pick the best of the best, and that means you’ve got to meet every single one of the job requirements, at the very least. If you find yourself not meeting a certain job requirement time after time, do something about it!

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