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The Ring of Gullion Landscape Partnership, with i3 Southern Regional College are running two workshops to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in how social media works.
In recent years, the way businesses are attracting new customers and communicating with their existing clients are rapidly changing as we turn to digital or social means of finding what they want or need. OMG can help your business take a proactive approach to these changes with our Social Technology Training & Consulting.
We provide Twitter and Facebook training courses to make the most of social media marketing potential for your organisation.
Our Social Media Essentials course gives your business the perfect introduction to the marketing potential of the most popular platforms. Social Media Essentials has been the choice of public sector bodies, retail chains, specialist retailers, manufacturing groups, public relations companies, advertising agencies, charities and many more companies. The proper use of social media will increase your reach to new potential clients or customers. Whether your business or practice is new or it is well established, effective and proper use of social media will work wonders for your growth. You will receive one-on-one guidance for you or whomever you have in charge of social media at your business or practice. This Social Media Bootcamp or Advanced training will also teach you the skills to run your own social media platform.
Educator and Coach: If you have any questions regarding your social media platform or brand voice don't hesitate to contact your social media professional.

Understanding: In order to create a successful social media platform a deep understanding of the brand and culture of your business is vital.
Foundation: Our social media professional will help you set up your social media sites to ensure each level of your social media platform is seamlessly connected in your brand's voice. However, this is a course that delivers knowledge that can be put to immediate use by social media novices and regular users alike. You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of each, be shown expert tips and tricks on how to find, target and convert your audience and the trainiing is delivered in a highly enjoyable and personable style that caters for all levels of social media knowledge. This is also a 10-week course, but 3 hours per week are dedicated to you and your training.
Our Social Media Genius is Paige Terlip of Timberwolf Services (Click Here to learn more about Paige.).
Educating you in sites like Hootsuite will help you manage a schedule for social media releases and streamline the process. Development includes creating an identity for your social media pages and writing an "about" (or equivalent) section, as well as posting some initial tweets, posts, pins, etc.
The first week is devoted to learning your brand and audience through an interview, creating each social media site, and personalizing it to your business. Our social media professional will listen and learn about your company in order to create an authentic yet unique voice for your business. Our social media professional will meet in person, over the phone, or through video conference to discuss what's next in your social media agenda.

The intro to social media boot camp will help teach you the skills necessary to keep up with the demands of the social media market. They will know the latest social media trends, past trends and trends that are not longer effective.Second, it will increase your internal support for this type of marketing.
Social Media Essentials gives you the social media marketing strategy you need and shares our expertise in how to deploy it.
Our NEW Social Media Training and Bootcamp will help you accomplish this - which in turn will increase your visibility and business growth!
You will learn how to utilize social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogging techniques. If you are still struggling with your social media presence consider an add-on to your current boot camp package that will allow two additional hours of consultation each week. It is also a time for you to ask questions and fully understand what is happening with your social media presence. Social Media isn’t run by one person, it requires many people, a community to be effective. Consultations can be over the phone, through video conference, or face to face, and each session will hone your brand's voice and expand your social media presence.

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