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You may already be tracking the brand mentions on social media websites, as well as whether those mentions are positive, negative or neutral. Your website’s SOV measurement helps you discover what percentage of mentions within your industry goes to your brand—and what percentage goes to your competitors. Fortunately, there’s Social Mention, a free tool to help you measure and compare your company’s mentions to your competitors’.
Now you realize you’re only receiving a drop in the bucket of brand mentions in your niche.
To calculate SOV, conduct a search for each of your competitors and then divide your company’s number of mentions by the total number of mentions in your market. From there, you’ll be able to view the social sites that send you the most referral traffic, as well as the relative bounce rate, average time on site and pages viewed per visit of each social site’s visitor base. In this example, LinkedIn provides the most social traffic, compared to Twitter ( and Facebook. And this assumes that you’re utilizing social networking sites in order to generate some type of measurable activity on your company’s website, whether these activities (or conversions) occur as product sales, newsletter signups, lead generation form completions or other action. If this is the case, it’s important to ensure that you aren’t spending time on social media marketing if the referral traffic you’re able to procure from these sources doesn’t ultimately convert on your home site!
At least once a month, take the time to measure the number of conversions generated on your site by visitors from different social media websites.
You can then use this information to allocate future marketing resources according to the social sites that provide the biggest impact on your website’s bottom line.
By taking these measurements and adjusting your social media campaigns, you’ll ultimately ensure that your social media investment will bring more value to your business. We use Radian6 to pull Share of Voice and Sentiment reports across the social media space for our clients.
I really like #2 because it underlines the value of an agile social media strategy, one which adapts to where the targeted audience is, even if this changes frequently, and is prepared to meet the demands of new platforms and audience preferences. We encourage clients to always begin with the end in mind an although conversion is critical (we totally agree) often social can have a stronger supporting role than a final touch conversion. GA has definitely improved its social tracking features, although I still like that Advanced Segments make it possible to be as granular as you want to be. I even have heard the constant complaint that there is no way of measuring ROI in social – very confusing to me, since you can clearly see things in GA. I think the confusion over measuring ROI in social comes from deciding WHAT you want to improve.
These are the questions you need to have answers to, so that you are able to invest on the right social media channel with the right marketing approach. You need analytical tools that give user metrics that help you with significant data on your social media marketing success or failure.
This post contains a list 10 free tools that are easy to use and help you track your social media marketing success. Apart from this, there are many other metrics found in Facebook Insights that is useful to track your social media marketing success.
Read more about how to track your social media marketing performance on Facebook Insights in this post titled How To Use The New Facebook Insights. As a part of your social media marketing channel if you are adding link to your messages, make sure they are links that can be tracked. These give you a quick glance at the social media sites that send across maximum traffic to your site.
And if you have set up a campaign and share the links to your landing page on various social media channels, you can take advantage of URL builder from Google that is integrated with Google Analytics. URL builder is a tool that aids you in adding utm parameters to your campaign URLs and distribute them on social media and other channels. For further reading refer to this post titled A Newbie Guide To Using Google Analytics To Track Social Media Marketing.

Hootsuite’s app directory allows you to add additional social media accounts into your dashboard such as Flickr and Tumblr. Social Mention is a simple but effective free tool to track the reach (or mentions) of words used in your social media campaigns. The tool monitors more than eighty social media websites that include, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg and Google. Although, the individual links on the top of the search bar on SocialMention does give you a choice of tracking your keyword on blogs, microblogs, Q&A, comments, news and so on, it hardly works well.
Passion: Chances of how often the particular mention will repeat around the same social media circles. You can connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts in this app and schedule posts that are automatically posted on the specified social media channels.
It is yet another free tracking tool for your brand name or a specific keyword used in your social media marketing campaign.
The tool also gives you a trend report of the mentions that occurred in these three major social media platforms. These questions must be specific to your niche and must give you important statistics that help you improvise your social media marketing efforts. Remember, tracking is key to knowing the degree of success attained from your social media marketing efforts from various social media channels. As businesses adopt Social Media in its DNA there are new opportunities and also challenges in what regards tools for monitoring and managing their profiles and stats.
Social Media Monitoring tools collect, analyse, index and deliver data related with social media activity, profiles, sentiment and signs. The Rosette linguistics platform enables social media monitoring tools to identify language of incoming feeds, analyze sentences for sentiment analysis, extract entities for metadata, and improve search results.
The key to properly utilizing social media platforms is to be consistently active and aware of your influence and actions.
For many companies, having a social media monitoring tool is important because it helps them manage their reputation, find content that’s suitable to share on social networks and help them promptly respond to social mentions on behalf of the brand. The most effective way to choose a tool that best suits your company is to create a list of requirements that you expect to get out of your social media monitoring tools.
As social media grows strong, so too does the complexity of being able to effectively monitor and manage what people are saying about you and what you are saying back. There are a huge number of social monitoring tools out there so knowing which ones to use can be daunting, especially for a new business that is just beginning to get involved in this type of marketing.
Hootsuite is the ultimate social media Swiss army knife, allowing you to schedule posts, track brand mentions and manage multiple social networks all in one easy-to-use interface. Mention is a real-time social media monitoring tool that monitors a huge number of news and social sources, including forums and blogs in more than 40 different languages, ensuring that you never miss a news story or a mention of your brand.
Mention has a Basic free plan which allows one user and one alert and tracks up to 250 mentions a month. Topsy is a social search and analytics tool that allows you to keep track of links, tweets, photos, videos and more, and get an at-a-glance overview of the key influencers in your niche. Buffer is a social media sharing and scheduling tool that helps you to manage multiple accounts at the same time, schedule content, collaborate with team members and access statistics regarding how your posts are performing. Modern social media marketing requires the overview of a lot of data at one time and with the proliferation of social media platforms to manage, the best way to do this is to employ a social media monitoring tool. If you found the above post on the essential social media monitoring tools for beginners helpful and feel your followers and friends will too, please share it with them by using the share buttons below. But it’s another thing entirely to entice these visitors to leave their social spaces and head back to your company’s website. So it’s only natural that measuring the amount of referral traffic sent by social sites should have a place in the savvy marketer’s tool chest. To view the amount of referral traffic your website receives from social networking sites, log into your account and navigate to the Referrals section found on the Traffic Sources menu.

They may show you significant differences in the performance of one social network versus another. As an example, by creating a segment that looks at the on-site activities of your Facebook visitors, you can split up your Goals data to determine which social sites are sending you the most eventual conversions. Single Grain specializes in helping startups and larger companies with search engine optimization, ppc, and social media strategies. My website gets good organic traffic, but I keep getting declined from PR agencies to cover events because our social media isn’t strong. It is only when you track the performance 1.5emof your social media marketing strategy, that you can improvise on what works and discard those that don’t work. Bitly is a popular URL shortener tool that offers extensive link tracking reports for free. You can continue to use this tool to shorten your URLs and and track those URLs from your social media campaigns.
By understanding the degree of your social media marketing reach in each of these channels, you can prioritize and improve your social media marketing efforts. In the basic plan that is offered at no extra cost, Hootsuite offers custom analytics from Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and a URL shortener link tracking mechanism. You can also set email alerts of keywords specific to your social media marketing campaign that you need to track all over the social media web.
It is calculated by dividing the number of unique authors mentioning the particular word by total number of mentions. You can track mentions in blogs, Facebook and Twitter, either individually or all together.
This gives you a fair idea about how successful your social media marketing efforts are in each of these channels. Social media monitoring tools are critical as companies and brands realise the full potential of social media to move and shift their business models. As a result an entire industry in social media monitoring software has emerged alongside the huge social media marketing industry. Hootsuite allows you to give team members access to you or your client’s social media accounts via the Hootsuite dashboard, instead of having to give them the passwords to the accounts themselves.
This tool lets you find related Twitter accounts, track followers, compare users and search within your social graph.
Premium accounts start at €29 a month for 3 alerts and 3,000 mentions, up to €299 a month for 10 alerts and 50,000 mentions a month. The above are just a handful of some of the best available today but there are countless other social media tools out there so be sure to shop around. Engaging the help of three or four social monitoring and management tools like those described above can make this job a whole lot easier.
As the result of your social media marketing efforts, you see this number go from 10 mentions per day to 20.
The only difference between the two is that, SocialMention is specific to social media sites and Google Alerts tracks mentions in all the sites on the web. You can also add UTM parameters and track your social media campaign URLs via Google Analytics, from within the tool. Its incredible to see that while only 3-10% of content visitors convert right away, 20-30% of social traffic visitors eventually converts. We know that social media marketing is more advantages than traditional means because there’s clearer ways to track the ROI.

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