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In a previous post, I talked about how businesses are leveraging social media sites to connect with more prospects and customers online.
In a recent study, eMarketer, a market research firm, ranked the popularity of social networking sites in the US and came up with the top 20. Interestingly, as of Mary 2009, Facebook has replaced MySpace as the most popular site among internet users. For businesses looking to utilize social media marketing, it may be useful to take a deeper look at the top 3 sites and their visitor demographics. Online since March of 1997, Facebook is the 4th most trafficked site on the internet, with users spending an average of 26 minutes a day on the site (based on Alexa statistics).
The site appears to attract a younger more affluent demographic, with a heavy representationof users aged between 18-24. Ranked 11th by traffic, MySpace users spend an average of 19.5 minutes daily on the site, which was started in 1996. This quick analysis shows that knowing the user demographics of these sites is critical in helping business owners determine if this is the right target audience for their products or services.
While a higher proportion of small business leaders turn to passive social media resources for business information today, the ongoing growth of business Q&A Web sites and rapid development of business social networks are likely to drive much greater participation by small business leaders in interactive social media in the not-so-distant future.
The biggest challenges with small business owners are the lack of time and resources available.

As mobile connectivity continues to grow, and as small business owners are educated to the value of growing a community for their product or service, I'm sure we will find they will become much more active. Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits [May 2011] May 2011 social networking data from US is in from Experian Hitwise. Social Media Tips to Increase Your YouTube Presence YouTube is one of the most powerful social networks in the world.
Pinterest: An Introductory Guide for Marketers Navigating the choppy waters of a new social networking site can be challenging as a marketer. Advantages with the LinkedIn to your Business LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking websites that is in great demand today. 50% Of eCommerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook eCommerce sites should consider how they can personalize their sites using Facebook data, as a new study shows 50% of visitors to ecommerce sites are currently logged in to Facebook. Online Video Ad Budgets Expected To Rise Sharply In 2012 Here’s some good news for web video publishers and producers. About Smart e-Commerce Smart e-Commerce is the Blog from Embitel Technologies which provides the latest e-commerce trends, strategies, e-Retail Solutions, Magento solution, Social Media Optimization, Blog Marketing, Online Seminars, Search Engine Optimization, Google Rankings and e-Marketing Solutions in India, America, Middle East, Australia, South Africa & South America. However, the use of social media resources requiring more active participation, such as asking business-related questions through Twitter or online question-and-answer forums, is set to rise among small business leaders as they gain access to effective online business networks. While social media is currently a catch-phrase that is making its way into mainstream media, most small business owners seem to recognize they would be interested in using these channels if they knew how to use it effectively to increase sales.

Proactive participation in social media can be (or can seem to be) a full-time effort, a commitment that small business owners (with small business staff) lack the time to embrace. Small business owners can be convinced that of proactive participation's utility; I've seen it happen. I updated our social networking market share data with th latest information and it now spans from March 2008 to May 2011. Although it is classified as a social networking website, it is mostly a professional networking website and is a great resource for entrepreneurs as well as job seekers alike.
Indians witnessed the true power of social over the course of the year – whether it was bolstering the IAC movement in India or MTV India being awarded the best social media TV program by Mashable. And this won't change, because using social media effectively *is* a major time commitment. Increasingly, small business leaders are connecting to company blog content through social networking sites.

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