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Social Media Companies in New York City13 July, 20126 CommentsThe importance of social media marketing has increased so much in the past years that right now the web has become the new battlefield for companies to compete in selling their products. One of the ways for companies to score points on their competitors is to get good social media companies to take care of the promotion of their products online. What we found is exciting and bodes awfully well for Primary and our friends who are focused on NYC SaaS investing.

You’ll have the skills you need to show your future employer you can build brands and manage clients social presence using social media.Each week your mentor will be a different social media expert. You’ll learn the different aspects of social media from content strategies, paid media and texting campaigns, to understanding data and analytics. The rest of the week, you partner with a content creation team and based on your social strategy develop a social media campaign including vines, snapchats, Facebook ads, Tweets and anything else that will create an engaged following for your brand.In the final week of the Boot Camp visit a variety of ad agencies, brands and media firms.

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