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The list also includes media planning and buying agencies like Mindshare, along with public relations shops like Edelman. The first 100 agencies were drawn from other lists of top shops and the personal knowledge of Pivotstack staff, although the site includes a callout inviting agencies to contact Pivotstack to be added.
The social media numbers for each agency are currently entered manually, but Pivotstack also hopes to automate the update process in coming months. Canadian marketing tech shop Pivotstack recently launched Top 50 Ad Agencies, taking agencies' Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn numbers, as well as their site's web traffic rank according to Alexa, to arrive at a final score. The list of agencies was compiled using existing best-of agency lists and the general knowledge of Pivotstack staffers, and the social numbers are entered manually and not kept in real time, so will undoubtedly lag the actual numbers. Either way, the idea of ranking agencies' digital presence is a good one, if only to remind agencies, and any communications entity, to consider every angle, and every element of its public face.

Mobile advertising company Opera Mediaworks has released its latest report on the state of mobile advertising, which measured mobile phone ad impressions for Q4 2013. By the end of 2014, Opera expects mobile advertising will make up 20 percent of all digital advertising worldwide, as countries including Brazil continue to increase their mobile usage. Media Investment, Zenith Media and OMD are the top media agencies in Romania, according to RECMA rankings, made annually for each country and that analyses, considering 14 criteria, the professional quality, evolution and performance of media agencies. Looking at a) Social vanity metrics like follower volumes (which can be inflated pretty easily by throwing a little budget at the problem), and b) Alexa rankings (which provides data with about as much precision and insight as steam hammer) is almost meaningless in terms of real influence and audience engagement - the very things which these agencies are trying to get their clients to focus on in digital and social media.
These media and entertainment apps accounted for the highest revenue as well at 20.6 percent, as mobile users utilize music and video streaming services on their phones. At agencies, mobile campaigns moved from the back burner to the front and rich media ads replaced boring banners.

So applying third-party weather data on top of Pinterest’s trend information can be an effective way to reach interested people in cold areas of the country.
Many publishers found their smartphone and tablet traffic eclipse their desktop internet traffic, and a some even made more money from mobile advertising when compared to desktop,” says Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks.

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