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At Social Media Marketing World 2015, Guy Kawasaki declared, “Pinterest is the new Google”. Examine Pinterest’s numbers and you’ll see that the social media site is growing in terms of content and users. Pinterest drove 5.06% of social media traffic to sites according to Shareaholic’s 4Q2014 Share Trends Report. Forrester’s Nate Elliott defined the difference between search and social media as the difference between intent and affinity.

Here are 3 power Pinterest search marketing tactics to improve the return on your Pinterest investment. Like other forms of content and social media, Pinterest requires promotion and republication to continue to thrive.
As a visual platform, Pinterest is evolving to support a new form of search beyond the basic answers you can get from Google. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is evolving to support the sales process from before customers realize that they have a need for your product.

The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. His 2013 chart reveals how social media has the power to overtake search in the coming years.

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