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The beauty of these activities is that ever-changing newspaper content keeps them timely and new. Kids love the timely topics and fun games, and teachers appreciate the correlation with curriculum objectives.
Order Monday's Free Lance–Star and your lesson plans will be ready and waiting for you-every Monday! Introducing Students to Newspapers - Six introductory activities.For helping students become familiar with the function and organization of The Free Lance-Star.
Newspapers Inspire and Enlighten:Covers news gathering, newspaper sections, types of writing, advertising, production, history, careers and terms. Creating Classroom Newspaper: Five days of instruction covers planning, writing news, feature stories and opinions and creating ads.
Lessons enhance critical thinking and comprehension by teaching students to actively build understanding as they read. This contest is offered to 5th-grade classrooms that participate in The Free Lance-Star's NIE program. I had the opportunity to use TheraBreath Toothpaste, Oral Rinse, and Fresh Breath Lozenges with the entire family. The Fresh Breath Toothpaste~ My husband has very sensitive gums and the dentist has recommended that he use toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The Fresh Breath Lozenges ~ The orange mint flavored lozenges are individually wrapped mints that are very easy to take along in your purse or pocket. Alaina, my 6 year old daughter loves the packaging, they come in a box that can be opened to use like a dispenser. I received TheraBreath Toothpaste, Oral Rinse, and Fresh Breath Lozenges free to use in our household in exchange for my review of their products. I am very excited to be part of this project as a Star Contributor to the Teacher's Toolbox.
I love being with my kids, watching them grow, taking on responsibilities, hitting those milestones that lead them to becoming responsible adults. When we first got to the library there was a line at the counter, so we picked out our books first.
One of my favorite things about homeschooling is watching my kids finally start to read well, and to get to that point it helps to have some fun activities to encourage them along. The offline part contains 365 worksheets divided into categories covering different topics. If you would like to see what other TOS Crew members thought of Kid Scoop sail on over to the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.
As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew I received Kid Scoop to use with my children in exchange for my review of their product. There are times we need to balance out our school year by taking a break from our regular curriculum with a unit study.
The UNL Extension Horticulture website says that the Cicada Killing Wasp is the largest wasp species in Nebraska. We are looking forward to completeing more of these units, I have already purchased MRSA, the Red Tide, and Dung Bettle.

As a member of TOS Crew I received the Cicada Killing Wasp Unit to use with my children free in exchange for my review of the item.
Some people like to plan their menus for the week or month but I like to cook what I feel like eating.
After you dig up your artifacts you complete the Old and New puzzle by matching the old items to it's modern counterpart. Once you dig up all the pieces of an object, or mosaic you can put it together On the 3D Reconstruction. Roman Town volumes 2 and 3 are in the early stages of development but every time you play the original Roman Town you uncover different artifacts so your game is always different. Read what other TOS Crew members and their kids thought about Roman Town here.As a member of TOS Crew I received a free download to Roman Town for use with my children in exchange for my review of this product.
When you first start the Day Book downloads very quickly, and there is no loading time when I open the program everyday. I have never used a program to actually keep track of the time we spend in school, so I am really loving this program.
I will receive one free licence for The Homeschool Day Book in exchange for my review of their product. But as it turns out, she was pregnant and excited to go forward with the pregnancy — and discontinue all cancer treatments.
He has tried every brand of toothpaste that we could find with and without this, but none of them have helped. The mints work in three stages to make sure your mouth feels fresh, moist, and healthy, unlike any mint I have tried. The anticipation that builds and the excitement in their eyes is part of why I love being a mom.
Her sisters were discussing how many books they brought back and how many they could check out today. My 8 & 9 year old girls are already reading above their grade level, my 6 year old knows all her phonics, but still reads very slow.
You can use the program for a year and if your child doesn't enjoy reading more, or doesn't actually start reading on their own you can get your money back.
I find that very interesting since I have never heard of them, so I learned right along with my kids on this one. We are really looking forward to the rise in temperature and the snow melting so we can get outside to complete the lab portion of this study. Professor Ana Lyze the character from The Curiosity Files will help keep them busy with 9 titles in the series.
The members of TOS Crew reviewed different titles from The Curiosity Files, so head on over and see what was said about some of the others. Sometimes I decide the night before what we will have for dinner the next day or sometimes in the morning when I get up.
If you pay close attention while you are digging you will hear vocabulary words that you will need to fill in the blanks of the report.
If you are like me this is the most tedious part of our school, but a couple of weeks ago it got a lot easier.

There is a free trial of the complete program for anyone who would like to try The Homeschool Day Book or you can purchase this program $39.00. Here are the ten blogs I will be visiting this week, so grab a cup of coffee and join me on my blog walk.
The exclusive formula has been used by over 1,000,000 people since 1994 to solve their problems with bad breath and unpleasant mouth taste.
One of the best things about this resource is that the information is provided by homeschool families that want to help you in your journey through school. I used it with my 6, 8, and 9 year olds & I would be the "up", because I also learned from this study. Her research team specializes in the bizarre to help educate your children about subjects you may never think of. You will enjoy the full excavation experience from start to finish while learning accurate information about Roman life and history with authentic artifacts and realistic backgrounds. I have been using the Homeschool Day Book to keep track of what we have accomplished each day. Their products do not contain harsh chemicals like alcohol, saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate, benzalkonium chloride. I usually don't like mints because they tend to taste to sweet and I feel like I have to keep using them to retain fresh breath.
The lessons can stand alone or used to enhance things you are already studying and they meet state educational standards. I'm going to be visiting all 9 of the other blogs this week to see what they are doing. This hasn't taken the place of my actual planner, I just input how much time we spend each day on each subject and I can find out the total amount of time on the reports.
You can add a title, the time spent on the subject, and any comments that you would like to remember about this entry. She loves to color and she really enjoys some of the puzzles, so she is motivated to use the worksheets. She filled out the form and at the bottom it asked for her signature and she wanted to know if it had to be little.
The titles are available individually, but the prices vary from time to time with all the sales they offer at The Old Schoolhouse Store. My 9 year old got the most out of the game, she learned a lot about archaeology and improved her vocabulary.
Even though my other girls read well, they are completing the worksheets and enjoying all the activities. She gave her form to the librarian and she gave her a card and a pen & I told her this is where you will have to write your name little. My 6 year old like digging and doing the puzzles, but someone else had to complete the reports for her.

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