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When Congress designed temporary work visa programs, the idea was to bring in foreigners with specialized, hard-to-find skills who would help American companies grow, creating jobs to expand the economy. Check out this article Toys 'R' Us Brings Temporary Foreign Workers to US to Move Jobs Overseas.
Toys 'R' Us is using a temporary work visa program in order to outsource jobs to foreign workers. For four weeks this spring, a young woman from India on a temporary visa sat elbow to elbow with an American accountant in a snug cubicle at the headquarters of Toys “R” Us here. By late June, eight workers from the outsourcing company, Tata Consultancy Services, or TCS, had produced intricate manuals for the jobs of 67 people, mainly in accounting.

A temporary visa program known as H-1B allows American employers to hire foreign professionals with college degrees and “highly specialized knowledge,” mainly in science and technology, to meet their needs for particular skills.
In recent years, however, global outsourcing and consulting firms have obtained thousands of temporary visas to bring in foreign workers who have taken over jobs that had been held by American workers. Toys ‘R’ Us is laying off American workers and using temporary visas to bring in foreign workers to help ship out jobs overseas, the New York Times reported. Now, though, some companies are bringing in workers on those visas to help move jobs out of the country. They then returned to India to train TCS workers to take over and perform those jobs there.

The Labor Department has opened an investigation of possible visa violations by contractors at the Walt Disney Company and at Southern California Edison, where immigrants replaced Americans in jobs they were doing in this country.

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