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Temp agencies like Adecco and Manpower are quickly becoming the largest employers in the United States by marketing the advantages of workers that the host company isn’t responsible for.
Last June, the Bureau of Labor statistics reported that America is now home to 2.7 million temporary workers. Temp firms operating as labor sharks have successfully lobbied to change laws or regulatory interpretations in 31 states.
An increasing number of Americans are answering the call for those willing to head to a temporary employment agency and consider themselves lucky if they are dispatched daily anew to somewhere they can work. Since temporary jobs often do not carry a direct correlation to one’s professional goals or development, many job seekers may feel that they are not worth listing on a resume. For many individuals, listing several temporary positions can make one feel that they are not reliable or cannot hold down a job. Many people believe that temp employees are unskilled and are nothing more than seat fillers. To be successful as a temp worker, you must not only have strong and constant communication with your agency, but also for those companies that take you on for a brief period of time.
When you have held multiple temporary positions, it can be a mess trying to list each experience in the work history portion of a resume.
If you’re finding it difficult to explain or describe temp work on your resume or cover letter—you do not have to worry.
The image of temporary workers has always been where those with little to no skills found work.
Today though, that image is disappearing, in regards to the jobs being offered on the temporary market and the caliber of people working temporary jobs. From adjunct professors and attorneys taking contract work to doctors taking temp work “locum tenens”. Experts say that there are more and more professionals taking temp jobs or contract employment. Likewise, in the medical field, between 2006 and 2007, the number of temp doctors rose 20 percent. While employment and staffing agencies try to encourage their employer clients to offer benefits in order to attract, recruit and retain the best employees, the trend is growing strong in hiring temp staff.

Forty percent of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers, compared to 36 percent last year, according to AOL Jobs. Let’s say you were a catering manager and you needed some temporary employees for an event. Though we may not think of temporary employees as our first choice in the recruitment process, they may be the best tool in your candidate hunting arsenal.
That means temporary workers make up a larger proportion of America’s labor force than ever before.
That means temporary workers make up a larger proportion of America’s labor force than ever before. Some may find that temp jobs are a great way to get experience in many different office atmospheres; others may find that short-term positions can actually be a way to get noticed by an employer and land a permanent job. Even those who do think their temp work should be on their resume can find it difficult to list such momentary experiences on a CV.
However, employers will be able to detect temp work—especially if it is done through an agency—and respect that you have made efforts to progress your career.
As noted above, temp workers do not have a lot of time to go through training; as such, these professionals must be able to take direction and listen to whoever is supervising them in the temporary role.
There are many ways to go about describing temp work on a resume without confusing the reader.
They were low paying jobs with no benefits and those that took those jobs were often considered to be unemployable for full time permanent jobs.
It is becoming more common to find professionals in the temp position and there are a lot of opportunities for them too.
Companies see temps as a way to save them money by not having to provide those social benefits these professionals are looking for. As a result, temporary workers suffer high injury rates and the uncertainty of hours of unpaid time, which lowers the compensation of blue collar workers to below minimum wage and leaves them straddling the poverty line.
These marginalized temporary workers are becoming indispensable to the American economy and business model.
But if a company simply cuts its temporary workers, it can write this off as a seasonal detail and avoid the federal requirement that it notify its workforce before mass layoffs.

Temp agencies look for professionals who can easily adapt to roles and understand the feel of a company—even if they are just working there for the day. For instance, those who have worked in the temporary field for most of their career may benefit from putting together a functional resume—or one that centers on skills and experience, rather than progression.
So, if you work with multiple temporary employees, and they end their job on a good note, you’ll likely create a positive connection. Chances are, temporary workers will be your best bet since those who want full-time positions may be on or desire a different schedule.
Temporary workers earn 25% less on average than their permanent counterparts, and there are 840,000 blue-collar temp workers earning below $25,000 a year in America today. In fact, one-fifth of the total job growth since the recession ended in mid-2009 has been in the temp sector. And while Latinos are easy prey for labor sharks, it’s surprising to note that African-Americans, being only 11 percent of the overall workforce, make up 20 percent of temporary workers, as much as Latinos.
In addition, employers can use temporary help for short-term projects when demand is higher, such as for the summer or holidays. In addition, the time it takes to interview, train, and hire, but with a temporary workforce this process may be much shorter since the position isn’t permanent. And while Latinos are easy prey for labor sharks, it’s surprising to note that African-Americans, being only 11 percent of the overall workforce, make up 20 percent of temporary workers, as much as Latinos. And the overwhelming majority of that growth has come in blue-collar work in factories and warehouses with sometimes no employees of their own whatsoever, where huge numbers of full time workers have been replaced by temporary ones. In the end, temporary workers pave the way for easy (and fast) connection building in a way that can’t be rivaled. In some areas, even whites can’t find jobs without first being directed to a temp firm.

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