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AccounTemps AccounTemps is an employment agency devoted to the financial and accounting professions: It's a daughter company of Robert Half International, which was ranked by Fortune magazine as the most admired business in the temporary-help industry in 2009. Whether you're searching for a full-time professional position, or a temporary job to supplement your income, we can give you access to a range of opportunities. I have never been to New York and I have never worked for a temp agency, but I feel like that could be a good way to get in working for a good company. I also have extensive admin experience, previously working at Panasonic, Liberty Science Center and the NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene.
Job lengths tend to vary (along with the heft of the paycheck), with temp wages beginning at $15 an hour, although exec positions obviously earn more.

Bon Temps legal staffing, alive and kicking since 1977, is always looking for new blood in the form of legal secretaries, word processors, proofreaders, paralegals, contract attorneys and executive receptionists.
CG deals with finance, advertising, real estate and fashion companies and places its temps in office, clerk, assistant, customer-service and managerial positions.
President Susan Levine has more than 30 years of experience in employment agencies, and while she won't divulge names, she assures us that CG has "very desirable clients." The agency also offers 401k eligibility for employees who complete a year of service and 1,000 hours on assignment. The staff can even set you up at its IT headquarters in San Francisco or Palo Alto, California, or at its newer Clarity Technology Partners division in Richmond, if you're not dead set on staying in NYC. Lucky for you, temps in the nonprofit sector are currently in high demand, a trend that Rick Bressler, PNP's business development director, attributes to the "improving health of the economy." PNP's list of clients includes Doctors Without Borders, the American Red Cross, United Way and the American Museum of Natural History.

According to Ed Reagan, director of temporary staffing, following up with a phone call after a few days will increase your chances of being one of the 50 job hunters asked in for an interview each week.
Hodson's placements include temporary, permanent and temp-to-perm positions, concentrated in administrative and clerical support.

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