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The first way to find a job that offers telecommuting or remote work as an option is to look for it in the job listing. When you do land that phone interview, or better yet an in-person interview, ask about telecommuting as an option. At the same time, judge how important telecommuting is for you, and weigh your case appropriately.
If you can't swing it as a bonus, you may be able to haggle for telecommuting as an option for your job.

Working at Lifehacker gives me a unique opportunity to work from home all the time, but I've had office jobs in the past where I wasn't so lucky.
For example, if you're a project manager, researcher, technical writer, or a software developer, odds are that you'll land a position that allows for at least some remote work than an accountant, team leader or manager, or anyone working on building a physical product. We always suggest that you do your homework and have a few questions handy when your interviewer asks if there's anything you want to know, so make telecommuting and remote work one of them.
Finding a job that allows for remote work or telecommuting on a regular basis can be difficult, but here are a few tips to help you land one.

If you can sell the company on why you're awesome for the job they have open, you may be able to swing telecommuting as a bonus.

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