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Note to our teen readers: For safety reasons, please don't post your email address in the comments section.
Hi, I'm Joshua, I'm 14 years old and looking for a job to save up money for collage and I can do any job for 6 hours Monday to Saturday during the summer and 1-2 hours during the school year. As another school year draws to an end, teenagers across the country are finding their attention drifting from their studies to their summer plans. What might surprise members of older generations, however, is that teens' attention is, on average, not drifting toward finding a job. The recession sped up the drop in teen workforce participation, but high schoolers have been turning away from summer work since the late 1970s, so economic reasons are not the driving cause of this trend. Among these real-world skills, or soft skills, are professionalism, the ability to communicate effectively, strong work ethic and dependability, and teens won't learn these skills from a book. Movie theaters beef up their staff during the summer to handle the influx of moviegoers attracted by blockbuster movie releases. Although the article is written about how American teens how to find a job during summer time.

But if you're a job hunting teenager or the parent of one, don't let this news discourage you. Parents are always looking to keep their young children occupied in the summer while they are away at work, creating a great need for counselors.
Check out the list below for industries and companies that are teen-friendly and click any of the links to apply today. Theater owners typically hire teens to run concession stands, act as ushers and to sell tickets.
Summer camps, pools, beaches and amusement parks love to employ teens and offer advantages like exercise and fresh air. Although increased competition has raised the bar for all applicants there are still plenty of options for teens to consider as the school year comes to an end. The great news for teens: theaters love to hire them to run concession stands, act as ushers and sell tickets. To make your search a little easier, we've compiled a list of companies and industries that are teen-friendly and ready to hire.

Sonic Drive-In is another fast food retailer that's ramped up hiring; it's even posted openings for roller-skating carhops!
Their hiring practices also usually fall in line with their states' minimum age requirements. Check at your local YMCA or elementary school for leads on positions at kids' summer programs. Teens can work in a variety of roles ranging from ticket attendant to rides or games operator to working at a food stand.
These gigs also have the potential to turn into steady jobs that students can juggle through their final years of high school. The movie rental stores employed a lot of teenagers, but have been crushed by competition from Netflix Inc.

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