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The LawThe Fair Labor Standards Act says 14 is the golden age for employment; however, the number of hours teenagers under 16 years old can work is limited.
Kinds of JobsMinors under 18 years old have wage, hour and restrictions for any lawful, available job. Being a teenager you may have a very flowery life, or may have good amount of responsibilities, leading you to take up a job for earning money. You will know as you get experienced with one or few jobs, that what kind of work you like, enjoy, and are comfortable with. There are lots of appropriate jobs for teens, and being of any age more than 14, one can handle them. School is out and teens all of the state of Georgia are looking for ways to earn money during their summer break and maybe beyond. Here are a list of websites teens can use to improve their chances of getting a job this summer. GroovejobGroovejob is the best source for finding great part time jobs, student jobs and teen jobs.
There are many more websites and local companies that are hiring teens and young adults this summer. Get the information you need, and answer many of the questions you may have about working as a teenager. Either you pay for the latest coveted video game or your teenager does -- with money earned from a part-time job.

Typical jobs for teenagers under 18 include working at a retail store, bagging groceries at a market and serving guests at a fast-food establishment.
You can try hands on cashier jobs, baggage helper, waiter in restaurants, fast food worker, helper in any organization, baby sitting, supermarket jobs, receptionist, pet sitter and many more.
Working during the summer is a great way for teens to develop great work skills and ethics that will carry them into adult hood. Department of LaborThe U.S Department of Labor has a great summer jobs website that teens and young adults can utilize to find employment. Teens can get Job Advice, Job Resource help, SAT Advice and there is also a Teen Jobs Resource Center. Teens will have to do a little research and even put in some leg time visiting companies they would like to work for this summer. If you teen does not have a resume, show them how to build one, thereby giving them a head start in this life long process. In the warmer months, teens flock to outdoor jobs such working at youth camp, life guarding at a community pool or working outdoors in a plant nursery. It also helps raise self confidence when a teenager sees what he is capable of and can apply his knowledge to help others.
Jobs that take up too much physical or emotional energy, such as a demanding boss or the need to bring work home, are not good.
Where degrees not that important, and hard work and attentive labor is needed, there you can find jobs for teens.

Whatever part time work you're searching for - seasonal work, weekend jobs or summer jobs, Groovejob is your source for finding awesome part time jobs. Some companies don’t list all of their openings and vacancies on their website, so teens will have to put down the remote and hit the streets to find a job this summer. There can be hundreds of reasons leading you to search for jobs for teens, and you may give them a try. There are certain jobs which you can’t do, and you need to check things with your state’s law to know more, as the law and restrictions differs from state to state. Lastly, a part-time job shows colleges that your teen is capable of handling multiple things.
In addition, a teenager might stop nurturing his friendships or going to extracurricular activities because of his busy work schedule. But before you start your search o stop at some odd turning, you need to know a few facts about jobs which teens can do. There are also instances where a working teen may use his money irresponsibly, such as continuously footing the bill for friends or supporting his own bad habits. It's also common for teenagers to set up holiday businesses, such as charging to hang house lights and put up decorations.

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