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Average Librarian Teen Service salaries for job postings in San Antonio, TX are 10% lower than average Librarian Teen Service salaries for job postings nationwide.
More teens than ever are struggling to find work in the stubbornly sluggish American economy.Less than 25 per cent of 16 to 19-year-olds holds a job, down 10 per cent from just five years ago, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the lowest it has been since 1984. Department stores have taken a colossal hit, dropping almost without respite from 811,000 jobs to 489,000 (40% loss).
Retail jobs have flourished the most in North Dakota (21%), Nevada (15%), Utah (11%), and Arizona (10%). The city with the highest concentration of online retail jobs is Fernley, Nev., home to an Amazon distribution center. The map and table below show the 2009-2013 job performance of online retail in the towns with the highest job concentrations (containing at least 100 e-shopping jobs).

With summer around the corner, teenagers might have a better chance at landing a seasonal job, though prospects are still shaky.
Some teens – for whatever reason – are not actively seeking employment, while others have simply given up what they think is a fruitless search.The search, to many, is disheartening, and a blow to many young workers’ resolve.
Traditional retail, of course, has been around forever with its ups and downs, while e-shopping is still technically a teenager — and like a teen, it’s growing wicked fast. This means that every job in retail creates a third of another job elsewhere — or, put another way, every three jobs in retail create one job in another industry. During the recession, Fernley lost 30% of its e-shopping jobs, and has yet to recover them. The town of 32,000, with a concentration 12 times that of the national average, has rapidly regained its jobs — and then some — over the past year.

The states that have done the least well are Alaska (20%, from 80 down to 60 jobs), South Dakota (3%, from 92 to 89 jobs), Virginia (mere 5% growth, from 2,000 to 2,140 jobs), and New Mexico (11%, from 127 to 141 jobs). Moreover, about 6% of the town’s workforce (710 out of 12,800 jobs) are in the e-shopping industry.

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