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Understanding Marketing Strategy A sound marketing strategy goes beyond ads and promotions.
Marketing is a fast-moving field, and in the past several years, the industry has faced economic challenges and technological advances that required marketing managers to shift their approaches to promoting products and services. Segments of the marketing industry are ramping up to keep pace with new technology and consumer preferences.
Employment for marketing managers is projected to grow 14% nationwide through 2020, keeping pace with the growth rate across all occupations, according to data published by the U.S.
Job seekers should conduct independent research in order to determine the employment outlook based on their particular skills and geographic location. Marketing professionals wear a number of hats to support an organization's sales and profitability goals. Marketing managers are generally responsible for planning and supervising programs that increase awareness of a company's products and services, with the goal of increasing market share and boosting the bottom line. Integrating marketing communications, establishing and protecting the organizational brand, and executing marketing initiatives are also common duties of marketing managers.
Marketing managers often hire and supervise marketing staff, such as SEO specialists, data analysts, graphic designers and social media managers. The ability to influence what drives consumer behavior helps make marketing an exciting and rewarding career choice.
Most mid- to upper-level marketing positions require a bachelor's degree, and some require experience in sales, promotions, advertising or marketing, according to the BLS. An understanding of business fundamentals and expertise in proven marketing strategies are considered essentials for success. Corporate-based tuition reimbursement programs may be available to help aspiring marketing leaders attain an advanced degree or professional certificate. According to data published by the BLS, marketing managers earned a median annual wage of more than $116,000 in 2011, an increase of almost $4,000 over the previous year. It is recommended that job seekers conduct independent research to gauge local market conditions and other factors that can influence earning potential.

For individuals inspired by the prospect of working in a fast-paced environment on the leading edge of business and technology, a career in marketing management may be a great fit. In my research, there was no current template available for a Chief Content Officer job description. Thanks to our call out to the content marketing community a few weeks ago, we’ve put together a Chief Content Officer job description that can serve as a template for the lead storyteller within a brand. The Chief Content Officer (CCO) oversees all marketing content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention, leads and positive customer behavior.
The position collaborates with the departments of public relations, communications, marketing, customer service, IT and human resources to help define both the brand story and the story as interpreted by the customer.
Mapping out a content strategy that supports and extends marketing initiatives, both short- and long-term, determining which methods work for the brand and why. Developing standards, systems and best practices (both human and technological) for content creation, distribution, maintenance, content retrieval and content repurposing, including the real-time implementation of content strategies. The CCO requires a combination marketing and publishing mindset, with the most important aspect being to think “customer first”. A passion for new technology tools (aka, using the tools you preach about) and usage of those tools within your own blogs and social media outreach.
Familiarity with principles of marketing (and the ability to adapt or ignore them as dictated by data).
Needs to be continually learning the latest platforms, technology tools and marketing solutions through partnerships.
Thanks to all of those people that enabled the creation of this Chief Content Officer job description, including: Katie McCaskey, Peggy Dorf, Don Hoffman, Wendy Boyce, Sarah Mitchell, Pam Kozelka, Kim Kleeman, Reinier Willems, Joe Pulizzi, DJ Francis, Josh Healan, Christina Pappas, CC Holland, Stallar Lufrano, Lisa Gerber, Kim Gusta, Cindy Lavoie, Jill Nagle, and Ann Handley. Join Over 140,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Successfully leading a business' marketing functions to drive sales, create customer loyalty and expand market share requires both technical skills and broad-based knowledge. The up-and-coming specialties, some of which did not exist just a few years ago, include search engine optimization (SEO), interactive marketing and community development.

Daily job duties may include planning advertising campaigns, choosing media outlets and negotiating contracts. Many employers prefer candidates with a degree in marketing or advertising, but general business degrees may also be acceptable.
Individuals seeking educational programs that offer a combination of functional knowledge and specialized skills can consider the University of Florida's Executive Certificate in Business Essentials with an emphasis in Marketing Management, which is offered 100% online.
Salaries vary across the country and according to education, experience, specific job titles and employers. But marketing is more than just crafting clever campaigns; it requires an understanding of media and the market, your customer, competitors and effective communication. The CMI group includes the Junta42 content agency matching tool, Chief Content Officer magazine and Content Marketing World, the premier international content marketing event. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc.
Savvy companies are hiring corporate reporters (similar to your Chief Content Officer description)and are tapping into the skill set of former news reporters and journalists like myself.
Learning the best use of new tools, channels and resources, understanding the ever-shifting needs of consumers and meeting stakeholder demands for return on investment (ROI) are daily challenges for marketing managers. Marketing managers may collaborate with the executive team to establish goals and then develop marketing strategies to support them. Combining bottom-line business fundamentals with the principals of marketing can lead to professional opportunities in this ever-changing field. Working with owners of particular content to revise and measure particular content and marketing goals.

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