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The Career Services office is here to assist students and alumni in searching for full or part-time employment opportunities and to assist in presenting themselves effectively as job candidates. The South Dakota Department of Labor can connect you to part-time and seasonal job opportunities – perfect for students who are attending school and working at the same time. For information regarding Dakota Seeds contact your local Career Center to find internship and assistantship opportunities in South Dakota.
Due to inclement weather, Point Park classes and student activities are canceled for Tuesday, Jan. This is the eighth year the University has sent technical theatre students to this conference, which offers one of the country’s largest off-stage theatre job fairs. Ogden, who is from Newark, Del., accepted the offer to be stage manager for the summer season at Theatre West Virginia. Five other Point Park students who went to SETC received at least one job offer, with many receiving multiple offers.

Added Martin, “Our students tend to do very well finding summer employment within their field of interest, and the connections they make at SETC sometimes help them land jobs upon graduation.
At Saia Auto Consultants, our ultimate goal is to get you the highest quality vehicle for your money. But the issue is not foreign to those in the trade.Back in the committee room, Steve Wilson, president of the Pontchartrain Levee District, sits quietly listening to a PowerPoint presentation with his fingers locked behind his head.
The provision, which is still in practice today, permits the state to pay only fair market value for land it seizes or damages in connection with a costal restoration project. Even though they were paying the state only $2 per acre for their oyster leases, fishermen were able to convince a state district judge that the leases would have paid out substantially more over the coming years if they had not been damaged. In short, the proposal could translate into fewer dollars than ever for landowners standing in the way of hurricane protection projects. A petition has been filed to recall the governor for the way she responded to Hurricane Katrina and several public demonstrations have been held supporting Category 5 levee systems and the consolidation of levee districts.Still, the public outcry regarding the coming land seizures have been minimal.

Some private land -- no one knows how much -- undoubtedly will need to be taken by the government for any long-term plan to proceed.
Eminent domain is the legal doctrine that allows governments to take private property for certain public uses that are supposed to serve the greater public good. Baker’s bill, which was stalled late last year, would pay homeowners no less than 60 percent of the equity they have in their homes and force mortgage holders to settle for 60 percent of that balance.
They announced last year that they want to obtain huge swaths of land -- some pieces spanning more than 150 feet -- along the 17th Street and London Avenue canals for levee improvements. As for the proposed constitutional amendment, it’s flying below the radar for now as state officials circle their wagons and prepare for policy battle.

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