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Goldman Sachs is being attacked from news outlets around the United States after it was revealed that the banking giant would be outsourcing at least 1,000 jobs to Singapore just three years after taxpayers give the company a $10 billion bailout. The outsourced jobs won’t come at a lower wage, according to David Indiviglio at The Atlantic. Careers in Supply Chain Management is a powerful portal of knowledge developed for anyone interested in information on supply chain management.
Supply chain management offers a wide variety of job options for entry-level managers and beyond.

Instead, the jobs in Singapore will likely pay about the same as the jobs being outsourced from New York City. This web site has a plethora of information available to students, practitioners, or anyone interested in supply chain management. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) – through its Education Strategies Committee and other volunteers developed this website to be a great resource for you to become familiar with the Supply Chain Management career. Attendees will define the supply chain and its significant impact on all aspects of business.

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